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Monday, February 26 Mon, Feb 26

Sunday, February 25 Sun, Feb 25

How Google’s new AI cyber defense initiative applies to digital signage (Invidis)

Antonia Hamberger. Incorporating AI, such as LLM (Large Language Models), into digital signage can not only mean offering automated content production and dynamic optimization but also building proactive defense mechanisms. By befriending this approach, companies can differentiate themselves and better protect their systems and data in an evolving digital landscape. […]
Sun, Feb 25 at 3:03 PM

Friday, February 23 Fri, Feb 23

Valuations of out-of-home advertising companies are down (Billboard Insider)

Mark Boidman: “If you look back to 2019 Lamar was around 15 1/2 times…forward multiple…and OUTFRONT is at 13.5 times… all these companies are significantly discounted to where they were in 2019." Billboard Insider’s take: Why are public out of home multiples down? We suspect it’s because of slowing revenue growth caused by a drop in national and programmatic advertising. […]
Fri, Feb 23 at 12:44 PM

Thursday, February 22 Thu, Feb 22

What Does The Walmart-Vizio Deal Mean For Retail Digital Signage? Both Not Much And Maybe A Lot (16:9)

by Dave Haynes. Walmart is buying VIZIO for $2.3 billion to get quick access to some 18 million active accounts on its smart TVs, via a platform and TV operating system called SmartCast. That platform gives Walmart a way to reach consumers at scale on connected TVs, a medium that is rapidly overtaking more traditional linear broadcast/cable TV. […]
Thu, Feb 22 at 4:49 PM

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