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Digital Signage Directory List, DOOH Resources.

A regularly updated list of digital signage directories and resources (sorted by date of posting, the most recent ones are on top).

OOH measurement methodologies by COMMB

How to measure your OOH campaign effectiveness, by AdQuick

Promo Code Campaigns.
Adding a promo code to a billboard or flyer helps to measure the impressions of your OOH campaign.
Assign a campaign-specific promo code, discount voucher, or QR code to the campaign, and run the promo code only during the period of the campaign.

OOH Audience Measurement 101: Who, What, Where, Why? By JCDecaux



Digital signage software directory by Digital Sign Reviews.

OOH Webinar Library:

Free access to recordings of all OAAA webinars.

Programmatic DOOH for Dummies Infographic:

Programmatic DOOH for Dummies infographic

Programmatic DOOH for Dummies infographic by Alasdair Muller

Read the article on what programmatic DOOH advertising is here


Talon’s study on the effectiveness of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising:

Dare to Digitise

Results of the study show that DOOH delivers strongly against its premium price point, with significant increases in campaign profit seen when campaigns used a higher share of DOOH.

Programmatic DOOH 101 – Video, 59:22 by OAAA.

In the online world, one ad placement equals one impression. In OOH, a single ad placement can reach multiple people. Do you know how? Join this webinar to learn about the current state of programmatic OOH, the benefits of programmatic, technology components, and more.
Watch the Video


What Is Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising?

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising today. It is completely resilient to some of the typical problems nagging online advertising.

DOOH offers some of the advantages of the technology used in online display advertising, such as targeting and enhanced traffic data, but at the same time it is completely immune to ad blockers, and OOH ads cannot be skipped by the user. Read more… 


How to measure the effectiveness of OOH advertising

By Paul Inman.

It has become easy to measure the efficacy of OOH campaigns in recent times, thanks to technological advancement and the rise of integrated marketing campaigns.

Step 1: Measure your audience. OOH measurement is underpinned by the so-called ‘opportunity to contact’ (OTC) principle, which is essentially a metric that estimates how many people will walk past your advert and see its content. Read more…

OAAA’s guidelines on digital billboard standards

Directory of digital out-of-home advertising industry resources by DPAA Global.

Directory of out-of-home advertising companies who are members of OAAA

Annotated List of Digital Signage Software Companies by DailyDOOH

Digital Signage Industry Directory by Digital Signage Today.

Digital Signage Federation Member Directory , by Digital Signage Federation.

Digital Signage Resource Directory by Digital Signage Magazine.

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