Friday, September 22, 2023

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Monday, September 18 Mon, Sep 18

UK OOH market: VW motorway ads activate by scanning cars’ number plates (The Media Leader)

Ella Sagar. I-media, the motorway service out-of-home advertising specialist, has launched ad campaigns for four motor brands using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to trigger dynamic digital ads in real-time. The campaigns for Peugeot-Citroen, Volkswagen, Toyota and Lexus use real-time data to target specific drivers of a competitive set of car brands. […]
Mon, Sep 18 at 5:28 PM

Sunday, September 17 Sun, Sep 17

People Are Spending Like Crazy, But the Ad Market is Flat? (Nick Coston)

by Nick Coston, OOH, DOOH, pDOOH Professional. When some key OOH media execs were dismissed from their jobs recently, it was subtly alarming that Outfront CEO Jeremy Male told Billboard Insider, “It would be very hard to describe the ad market as robust.” Entire DOOH departments at big firms such as The Trade Desk, Yahoo, Ubimo, and Catalina USA, to mention a few, are gone. […]
Sun, Sep 17 at 12:13 AM

Saturday, September 16 Sat, Sep 16

Friday, September 15 Fri, Sep 15

Thursday, September 14 Thu, Sep 14

OOH media agency Talon and media agency Mediaplus integrate technologies and planning process to execute OOH campaigns for Mediaplus clients in NA (MediaPost)

The deal marks an extension of the agencies’ existing relationship outside the NA region. As in other regions where the firms work together, Mediaplus will leverage Talon’s OOH suite of products, powered by proprietary technologies. Those products will be integrated into Mediaplus’ NA planning process. […]
Thu, Sep 14 at 5:49 PM

Wednesday, September 13 Wed, Sep 13

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