Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Friday, October 22 Fri, Oct 22

Sign industry quarterly economic report predicts improvement in 2022

The International Sign Association (ISA) has released its sign industry quarterly economic report, which predicts improvement in 2022.Photo courtesy ISA Forecasts are showing the sign and graphics industries are expected to rebound by 2022, according to the Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report, produced by Information Handling Services (IHS) Market for the International Sign Association. […]

Fri, Oct 22 at 10:02 AM

Virtual event brings together local and national sign companies

The International Sign Association (ISA) is hosting its next round of THE LINK…INSTALL on November 3 and 4. Photo courtesy ISA The next round of the International Sign Association’s (ISA) THE LINK…INSTALL is being held November 3 and 4 and will continue to deliver important connections between local and national sign companies in unique one-on-one virtual networking appointments. […]

Fri, Oct 22 at 9:52 AM

Thursday, October 21 Thu, Oct 21

Billboard Insider scrutinizes JCDecaux’s statement that “Airport advertising delivers the highest perceived value and prestige”

Insider is somewhat skeptical about surveys because the answer can be influenced by how you ask a question.  A more objective take on the value of alternative media is what the cpm or cost per thousand impressions to advertise.  CPM captures what advertisers do as opposed to what they say.  PJ Solomon’s October 2021 Media Monthly report shows that airport advertising has the highest CPM of all forms of out of home and is second only to newspapers and primetime broadcast TV among all forms of media. […]

Thu, Oct 21 at 7:05 PM

Adweek: Digital Carts – a New Street-Level Video Format in New York City Neighborhoods

Digital Carts offer a new media format that delivers where other DOOH options fall short. Street-level video has grown in relevance as audience fragmentation makes it increasingly difficult to connect to your targets. Finding opportunities to activate out-of-home video is burdensome because it is only offered in limited locations and mostly on smaller screens. […]

Thu, Oct 21 at 6:22 PM

The 80th OBIE Awards Ceremony will take place at the Geopath/OAAA OOH Media Conference + Expo in Marco Island, Florida, on May 17, 2022 (Billboard Insider)

The OBIEs will return to a live audience in 2022 and we want your creatives to be part of it. Let the world see how you’ve maximized the power and prestige of OOH by submitting your very best entries. We’ll make OOH history at the Geopath/OAAA OOH Media Conference + Expo in Marco Island, Florida, on May 17, 2022. […]

Thu, Oct 21 at 6:20 PM

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