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Why MobileFuse, a mobile location data ad firm, is expanding into DOOH market

Guest post by Mel Stott

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

MobileFuse is a location data company that originally specialized in targeted mobile advertising. Ken Harlan, MobileFuse Founder & CEO recently told Mel Stott that the company is now venturing into digital out-of-home segment. Joining DPAA in March 2019 was part of this expansion.

You call yourselves a “moments-based advertising company.” What does that mean?

Our solution connects consumers with brands in relevant moments throughout their day, when they are most receptive to brand messaging.  We do this through our main product called ‘Mindset Targeting for Receptive Moments.’ Mindset Targeting analyzes a consumer’s location and the context of that location in real time to determine what type of ad content would be suitable to the person.

Our platform processes many data sets instantly, including weather, place of interest (POI), events and much more in order to decide which ad to display.

Due to processing so much data, MobileFuse’s Insight Reports are more granular than typical digital campaigns. We can detect engagement by location, engagement by weather and so on, and not just impressions and clicks.  Overall, MobileFuse provides approximately 50 different Insight Report metrics that help our clients understand what messages will be most effective.

MobileFuse also has its own in-house Creative Studios team and platform, which builds dynamic, mobile-optimized ad units. The combination of Mindset Targeting with our Creative Studios and granular Insight Reporting makes our campaigns highly effective.

MobileFuse image

MobileFuse DOOH screens

What mobile publishers and DOOH networks does MobileFuse work with?

We have hundreds of direct mobile publishers — specifically in-app — that collectively give MobileFuse a Comscore reach of 191 million monthly uniques. Within the DOOH category, we are set up to work with most of the major publishers and cover more than 90% of the possible DOOH reach.

We just recently added DOOH screens to our product suite, so we haven’t run a DOOH campaign yet. That said, our clients are excited to see MobileFuse rolling out an omni-channel approach to creative, targeting and reporting. The market feedback has been positive due to a lack of solutions that are truly omni-channel.

Do you white label your service for ad agencies?

Ad agencies typically disclose to their clients that they are working with MobileFuse. In many cases, we work with the agency and brand in tandem. However, we have also acted as a white-label version for other ad-tech companies selling mobile, including out-of-home companies. In other words, MobileFuse has executed the mobile portion of many plans that a third-party sold through.

How do you measure campaign results?

In addition to normal reporting metrics and third-party studies, our post-campaign analysis provided via our proprietary Insights Reports has unique performance reported by some of the following:

  • Store/POI/County/DMA/Zip Code/City/State
  • Creative Size
  • Temperature/Weather
  • Population
  • HHI
  • Day of the Week
  • Ethnicity
  • Moments Targeting

Our Insight Reports are used by many of the largest brands to build their media plans.

Why did MobileFuse join DPAA, a digital out-of-home organisation? 

Omni-channel advertising has proven to be effective, and the combination of DOOH and mobile is emerging as probably the most powerful way of getting results from omni-channel campaigns.

Learn more about MobileFuse by clicking here.

Learn what’s new at the DPAA.


Published on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 6:57 PM

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