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The Realistic Value of Programmatic OOH

Guest post by Josko Grljevic,
Chief Transformation Officer, Talon

Thursday, October 29, 2020

In response to the recent VIOOH state of the nation report, we put a realistic perspective on ambition for the programmatic OOH channel. We don’t need to have a one size fits all approach, but smart strategies which ensure we test, learn and evolve to deliver real evidence and accountability.

Josko Grljevic, Chief Transformation Officer, Talon. Programmatic OOH; PrOOH

Josko Grljevic, Chief Transformation Officer, Talon

Since the release of the report, one publication reviewed it taking a largely negative view on PrOOH, on a report which revealed some decidedly positive statements about PrOOH. As with any new or emerging media channel, there is some contention and confusion as people try to understand what PrOOH is and the benefits it will bring to the marketplace.

What was very clear is that there is appetite and ambition to scale this channel.

According to the study, 99% of the executives surveyed said they were looking to increase spend on programmatic OOH in the next year, with 37% expecting to more than double their spend, when compared to the previous 18 months. As an industry, we need to focus on the perceived barriers which have become apparent due to a “lack of education among agency and advertiser executives”.

One of the biggest sources of confusion when it comes to PrOOH is down to the fact that one of the world’s oldest advertising mediums has chosen to adopt the word ‘programmatic’; a trading mechanism that was designed to automate the planning and buying of impressions in online channels.

This very different infrastructure brings with it both positive and negative connotations. Concerns about data accuracy and transparency in PROOH, as well as contrasting views on how it should be activated and measured are understandable but easily addressable. At Talon, we believe the focus should be on 3 main areas called out in the report.

The Benefit of Programmatic OOH for advertisers.

Whilst PrOOH may be a nascent and complex channel, at Talon we have already seen that it can be a successful vehicle to grow OOH and deliver positive outcomes. Creating audience driven platforms like Atlas that are tailored to the channel and reach people across a multitude of environments is clearly a valuable addition to any digital plan. It was encouraging to see in the VIOOH report that 89% of all media executives either agree or strongly agree that programmatic OOH is a clear part of their wider programmatic and digital strategy so it is time to galvanise this ambition into action.

The Importance of Data Quality.

Using location data to plan OOH campaigns isn’t necessarily a new concept but it is being more widely adopted. As such, it is increasingly important to consider that whilst there is a huge variety of location data available to support planning, it takes a significant amount of expertise to make it suitable for OOH.

As an industry, we have come a very long way in a short space of time and already proven that deploying intelligent and specialised data can be invaluable for omnichannel targeting and measurement. Asking questions about the source, accuracy and how it has been adapted to suit OOH will ensure a greater understanding of what is available and safeguard against bad quality data.

Accountability and transparency of programmatic OOH.

Many of the measurement and transparency challenges stem from the decision to repurpose an on-line programmatic model for OOH rather than creating one with the purpose of getting the best from the medium.

The varying views on how PrOOH should be measured are inevitable and understandable in an industry with a huge variety of different brands and objectives. We don’t need to have a one size fits all approach; PrOOH can be deployed for performance or brand based goals. What we need are smart strategies which ensure we test, learn and evolve to deliver those goal effectively and efficiently. Accountability is not optional; it is essential, and we are committed to delivering solutions which provide evidence of results.

As an industry, we need to focus on education, simplicity and ultimately, proving that we can generate effective outcomes from the very beginning and strike now whilst interest and appetite to invest in this channel is growing.

Talon has developed Atlas, an intelligent, automated digital OOH platform that redefines programmatic OOH.


Published on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 11:14 PM

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