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The “On the Go Consumers”… How they Relate to the Mall Environment

Bill Ketcham, CMO, AdspaceThere has been a great deal of press over the past year or two about the  decline of the shopping mall…stores closing, tumbleweeds rolling through the common areas…all supposedly because of internet shopping.  Malls do close, and this has been happening for decades as demographics and economics in a given geography shift, but what is really going on with the mall shopper?  Some things are changing, and some are not, so I’ll provide some highlights that we are seeing.    First, traffic in the large, enclosed regional malls has not declined in ten years, according to ShopperTrak.  These are the big, beautiful centers where you can’t get a parking space, and they are prospering.  But the people that visit them are changing their behavior once they get inside.  ShopperTrak explains that “The number of unique shoppers has remained relatively stable over the past decade. […]

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