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Volta Media says advertisers can now buy its DOOH inventory via any programmatic SSP platform (Business Wire)

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Volta Inc. (NYSE: VLTA) (“Volta”), an electric vehicle (“EV”) charging and media company, announced that all advertisers now have equal and complete access to the Volta Media™ Network’s full range of programmatic inventory, regardless of which platform they use to buy media.

Equal advertiser access to Volta’s inventory is made possible by the recently-announced mediation solution offered by Vistar Media, ​​a leading global provider of software for digital signage. Mediation allows Volta to automatically evaluate different advertisers’ bids at the same time in a single, unified ad auction. Every advertiser now has the same opportunity to win a bid based on price, and display their ad on Volta’s media screens, regardless of which programmatic buying solution they use. By providing equal and universal access, Volta’s DOOH media is made more valuable to marketers, motivating them to incorporate it more frequently into media plans.

“Unlocking a single and open ad auction increases all advertisers’ access to Volta’s digital inventory and makes our network more available and attractive to advertisers, including those running retail media campaigns,” said Mike Schott, EVP of Media at Volta. “Vistar Media’s new mediation solution is Volta’s latest example of how we’re creating a digital-first media experience for marketers — a critical factor in scaling our media business, especially during times of economic uncertainty.”

“Vistar is committed to accelerating the growth of the programmatic out-of-home industry,” said Eric Lamb, SVP, Supply at Vistar Media. “By supporting unified ad auctions, our clients, including Volta Media, are best able to increase value for their advertising customers and ensure they are getting the best prices for their media inventory as possible.”

Today’s announcement adds to Volta’s robust suite of media capabilities that power valuable campaigns for advertisers and help unlock larger digital media budgets. This includes advanced measurement capabilities provided through leading third-party firms, such as Catalina and Quotient, that report on a variety of business impacts — including down-funnel metrics like incremental sales lift and incremental return-on-ad-spend (iROAS). Further, Volta’s network of more than 5,400 digital media screens support enhanced ad executions including real-time weather triggers, 3D creative, and mobile retargeting.



Published on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 11:34 AM

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