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Retail digital signage provider Cooler Screens gets certified for IAB’s Display Impression Measurement, Digital Video Advertising and BPA standards for network qualification

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Cooler Screens in-store digital media and merchandising platform for retail has achieved independent certification to the IAB guidelines for Display Impression Measurement, Digital Video Advertising, as well as BPA standards for network qualification.

BPA’s certification engagement, performed in accordance with IAB auditing guidelines and BPA standards, included reviews of Platform Architecture and Retail Location Network, Device Management, Digital Campaign Execution, Inventory Management and Advertising Delivery Process, Impression Measurement and Logging, Digital Video Advertisements, Data Filtering Procedures, General Reporting Process, Documentation Standards, and Disclosures and Definitions.


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About BPA Worldwide. BPA Worldwide is in the business of providing assurance. For 90+ years as a not-for- profit assurance service provider, BPA was originally created by advertisers, advertising agencies and the media industry to audit audience claims used in the buying and selling of advertising. BPA’s services have expanded with the launch of BPA iCompli to assist in the creation and assurance of external standards. BPA iCompli now includes: Technology Assurance, Sustainability, Privacy and Data Protection, and the BPA Media Exchange, an online private marketplace which offers automated media solutions for buyers and sellers of digital advertising.

About Cooler Screens. Cooler Screens is creating the world’s largest in-store digital media and merchandising platform for retail. We transform retail surfaces into digital IoT smart screens that deliver in-store retail media and merchandising for the ultimate consumer experience. With 90% of food, beverage and health category purchases still taking place in physical stores, Cooler Screens enables retailers to digitize and improve consumer experiences and allow brands to drive sales and build brand equity by connecting with consumers at the 1st moment of truth. Retail partners span grocery, drug and convenience stores, including Walgreens, Kroger, Circle K, Giant Eagle’s GetGo convenience stores, Chevron, Areas and Parkland. For more information, please visit

Published on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 12:31 PM

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