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Pikasso Italia launches the first DOOH screen of Milano Collection in the heart of Porta Romana District

Monday, January 15, 2024 · Promoted content

Milan, 15 January 2024.

Pikasso Italia has digitized the first wall of the ‘Milano Collection’ in Via Quaranta, 12, which consists of a 5×7 m (LxH – 35 m2) digital screen.

Via Quaranta is located in the heart of the new district of Porta Romana, a few steps away from Fondazione Prada and where many of the fashion week shows are held. It’s also a  main arterial road, making it a strategic location to complement a DOOH campaign covering Milan, or to target this developing area of the City. The digital screen benefits from a continuous flow of cars regulated by 2 traffic lights before and immediately after the screen, ensuring a prolonged exposure.

The digital screen in Via Quaranta is fitted with the following features and innovations, that will characterize the entire DOOH Milano Collection:

  • The iconic bar at the base of the screen with the backlit Pikasso logo, adding an elegant touch to the display.
  • 100% green A2A electricity produced by plants powered by renewable sources.
  • A carbon footprint report will be provided for each campaign delivered to allow brands to know the carbon emission of their DOOH campaigns as part of their overall carbon footprint calculations.
  • Precise audience measurement thanks to a camera connected to the Admobilize software that captures all data in real time, delivered in a comprehensive report at the end of each campaign.

Admobilize’s debut in the Italian DOOH market, following the agreement with Pikasso, to equip each screen with a sophisticated audience measurement system, will help strengthen the use of data in DOOH campaign planning. The Admobilize software works in full compliance with the GDPR and the Italian Privacy Law.

  • An auto-control camera, turned toward the screen, to enable our OnAir Broadcast team to visually monitor the proper delivery of content and the operating status of the screen, as a complement to the control via the integrated software, to guarantee quality and maximum reliability
  • A flexible sales system that leverages all the potential of DOOH: in addition to the standard two-week duration, clients can book a campaign for 7 days, a weekend, just one day, or specific time slots: morning (07/08H-12H), lunch (12H-15H), afternoon (15H-18H), and evening (18H-22/23H).
  • Booking method in both direct and programmatic, via the Pladway, Hivestack and Broadsign Reach SSPs, which allows campaigns to be activated according to triggers such as weather, air quality, live feeds, specific target audience, etc.

The duration of the spot is 10 seconds, with a maximum of 6 spots per loop, equivalent to 840 plays per day.


Antonio Vincenti, CEO of Pikasso, said ” This first Pikasso digital screen is a first step toward the objective of building a Milano Collection that covers all access routes to the City centre. The featured Adtech, as a standard proposal, will offer agencies and advertisers with very useful reports, a highly flexible sales system, to have them benefit from all capabilities DOOH has to offer, while adapting to every need and budget.”

You can book your campaigns from today by contacting:

Giuseppe Lanzo  

Sales Manager

T: +39 349 8267313


Maurizio Mansi

Sales Manager Roma

T: +39 335 771 8839



About Pikasso Italia:

Pikasso Italia srl, established in June 2022 with the Headquarter in Milan, is part of Pikasso Group, a leading Out-Of-Home (OOH) and Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) company founded in 1986 and present in 11 countries.

Pikasso places quality and innovation at the heart of its development to constantly meet its clients’ needs. Our focus is on ensuring audience engagement in prime locations and delivering creative opportunities to our advertisers while remaining at the forefront of technology.  Instagram: @pikasso_italia


 About Admobilize:

AdMobilize is a computer vision and AI company based in Miami, Florida, USA. Our vision is to provide scalable and accurate data capture and insights driven solutions to make sense of the physical world. AdMobilize has specifically been working and developing solutions in the out of home Retail and Experiential markets for the last 6 years. The company has the most complete computer vision / AI platform in the world and its R&D is driving innovation in the world of connecting the physical world to the online grid.

Published on Monday, January 15, 2024 at 12:14 AM

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