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Out-of-home (OOH) ad buying software firm DOmedia hires former Interpublic Group Company executive as Global Head of Operations


Thursday, May 18, 2023

DOmedia, the most-used out-of-home (OOH) ad buying software in the U.S., announced today that Mike Cooper has joined the leadership team to focus on international expansion and will assist with their next-generation OOH planning products. Previously, Mike served as Global President of Rapport Worldwide, an Interpublic Group Company (IPG).

“Many companies have made huge strides in providing programmatic access to digital out-of-home ad space,” said Cooper. “But, that is a small fraction of the industry. All OOH needs to be planned in a single, unified process. DOmedia is far ahead on ‘what’s next.’”

In 2023, over 25% of all agency-driven U.S. OOH ad dollars will be managed through DOmedia, including 6% of all programmatic OOH advertising. Last year, ad agencies used DOmedia’s planning models to optimize over $1B of OOH ads across over 1,400 media vendors and 1M media assets.

“Ad buyers of all sizes are looking to blend targeted OOH impressions with efficient, high-impact traditional placements,” said Nick Sadler, CEO of DOmedia. “We already facilitate the complex, cross-functional agency workflows required for truly integrated OOH planning. And, delivering more efficient targeted impressions will also improve campaign performance for our local advertising customers.”

DOmedia operates the largest online ad buying platform for local OOH advertisers, BillboardsIn. Users who create a free account on can plan and execute campaigns using digital billboards, traditional billboards and more than 30 other ad formats, entirely online. BillboardsIn expanded outside the U.S. to Canada in 2022, with Mexico and European offerings planned for late-Q2 2023.

“As Global CEO at Rapport I had to be sure all our international offices had access to the very best tools and processes,” said Cooper. “U.S. agencies using DOmedia certainly do; so there’s a big opportunity to take that into other markets. Having a product like BillboardsIn – which generates new revenue for operators as soon as we enter a market – only makes the expansion process easier.”

DOmedia and BillboardsIn connect media operators with new buyers and new opportunities by making it easier for advertisers to plan and buy OOH. 75% of users have never purchased billboards or other OOH media before, and most agencies using DOmedia plan and buy exclusively within the platform. Media operators interested in receiving RFPs and contracts through DOmedia can sign up on

About DOmedia
DOmedia is the out-of-home advertising industry’s largest marketplace platform for planning, buying, and selling media. The world’s leading ad agencies and media companies rely on DOmedia’s enterprise solutions, while small businesses use to plan and execute OOH campaigns online. Learn more at For press inquiries or further questions, please contact Ian Bowman-Henderson, Director of Marketing at

About Mike Cooper
Mike is an award winning executive and board member, with 21+ years media/marketing experience. Mike has executed P&Ls of $1b and has taken companies from fledgling/negative P&L status to global, customer service profit centers. Most notably, Mike transformed Rapport into one of the largest OOH specialist agencies in the world. He’s happiest engaging on the frontline with shirtsleeves rolled up.

Published on Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 5:00 PM

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