Monday, June 24, 2024

OAAA opens entries to the Future Leaders program, 10 winners will receive a paid trip to the 2024 OOH Media Conference

Friday, February 23, 2024

OAAA and the OOH United initiative have established the Future Leaders program.

Ten (10) selected Future Leaders will attend the 2024 OOH Media Conference.

Future Leaders to participate in conference breakout sessions, networking events, and possibly main stage programming.

OOH UNITED Co-Chairs to serve as Future Leader Co-Hosts (5 Future Leaders/Host).


Application Deadline: Friday, March 15th at 11:59 PM ET.

What Makes a Future Leader

Under 40 years old.
Must have 5 years of experience working in the OOH industry (in any sector such as supplier, agency, tech, etc.).
First-time attendee at the OOH Media Conference.
Willingness to travel and participate in conference activities.
Currently employed at OAAA Member Company.

View full terms & conditions here.

What to Expect at the 2024 OOH Media Conference

A Grand Attendance: With over 1,000 expected attendees, together the OOH industry celebrate successes, growth, and innovation.
Connect & Collaborate: Network with local, national and global industry leaders, luminaries, speakers, brands, agencies, and media owners; all in one stop.
Learn About the Latest: Exposure to recent research, trends, best practices, and product advancements across the OOH industry.
Stay Ahead of the Curve: OOH media is constantly evolving across technology, measurement, and data-driven strategies that fuel industry growth.
Celebrate the Best of OOH: Recognize the industry’s most prestigious campaigns that demonstrate creative excellence at the 82nd annual OBIE Awards.
The Future of OOH Media: Experience industry insights, share stories and strategies, that shape the future of the OOH industry.
Delegate Responsibilities: At the Conference

Future Leaders will experience 1:1 networking opportunities, support, and inspiration at the conference with OOH UNITED Co-Chairs, Marc Fenty & Candice Simons, serving as Co-Hosts (5 delegates per host). All delegates will be required to actively participate in conference sessions designed to broaden their understanding of the OOH industry, while developing their professional skills. A detailed agenda will be provided to delegates in advance.

Future Leader Responsibilities: Beyond the Conference

Beyond the conference, Future Leaders will become active members in the OOH UNITED committee, contributing to the group’s forthcoming plans and initiatives.

✓  Must join future OOH UNITED Committee meetings.

✓  Participate in the Future Leaders Working Group quarterly meetings with OOH UNITED ambassadors and partake in any group initiatives.

✓  Help with the selection of 2025 Future Leaders and assist with program hand-off.

Judging Panel

A select expert panel will be responsible for reviewing submissions and will determine ten (10) Future Leaders to attend the 2024 OOH Media Conference.

OAAA executives and OOH UNITED co-chairs will select five (5) judges from existing OAAA member companies, specifically from committee participation (Marketing/Sales, Creative, Data & Analytics, Programmatic and OOHU), which is a strong representation of OAAA, members and the industry at large.
Criteria for selecting judges include diverse expertise, impartiality, and a deep understanding of the industry, their professional standing, contributions to the field, and ability to evaluate candidates objectively. The selection process aims to minimize subjectivity by including judges from various backgrounds, with clear guidelines to assess each candidate against the program’s criteria.
Winner Selection

Judges evaluate applicants based on their professional achievements, leadership potential, and innovative contributions to the OOH industry. The criteria considers diversity and inclusion, aiming to select candidates who represent a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Participants are evaluated based on three criteria—professional achievements, leadership potential, and innovation contributions—each scored on a scale from 1 to 5. The highest cumulative scores across these categories determine the winners.

Winner Notification

Selected winners will receive a congratulatory email on 3/22, outlining next steps and requesting that they officially opt-in to the Future Leaders program.

Published on Friday, February 23, 2024 at 12:41 PM

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