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Moving Walls integrates with JEKI to automate OOH advertising in Japan

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Moving Walls and JR East Marketing & Communications Inc. (jeki) are launching a technology platform that will automate all Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising across Japan. The platform powering “MASTRUM,” has been developed by Moving Walls, a global OOH enterprise software provider and has been customised specifically for the Japanese market.


Moving Walls’ technology uniquely automates all OOH media processes. The company brings years of know-how and experience from deploying whitelabelled enterprise software on private cloud environments to maintain privacy.


MASTRUM is an impression-based digital OOH advertising platform that provides ad space trading, ad serving, and programmatic DOOH advertising to meet domestic and international demand. This will enable highly efficient, high-value-added buying of digital signage and other types of OOH advertising across Japan. Moving Walls has also customized jeki`s implementation to ingest first-party data that will be used for planning and effectiveness measurement.


Japan’s OOH advertising market is already the world’s third largest in terms of estimated spending. With this launch, jeki plans to expand the scope of media they handle to include other railways and outdoor media. The Moving Walls platform includes solutions for the buy side – planning, activation, and campaign measurement. The company also provides supply-side solutions including inventory and campaign management through their subsidiary Location Media Xchange (LMX).


The concept of “MASTRUM” was inspired by constellations, a word coined from the Latin word “astrum,” meaning “constellation” or “celestial body,” and “Media” or “MarketPlace. The platform aims to create various forms of communication by connecting myriad forms of media to jeki’s media marketplace.


According to Ryoji Akaishi, President and Representative Director of East Japan Planning Inc.

“We selected Moving Walls, from among several leading ad serving platform vendors, as our ideal technology partner to create the largest marketplace for all types of OOH. By customizing Moving Walls’ platform, jeki will be able to offer new services based on its long-accumulated expertise in transportation advertising and its unique perspective. We aim to become one of the largest marketplaces in Japan with an abundant inventory while networking nationwide, including OOH in the city, beyond the railroad domain. We also believe that through the automation of advertising transactions we can provide opportunities for efficient and visible advertising transactions.”


Meanwhile, Srikanth Ramachandran, founder and group CEO of Moving Walls, said, “We are very proud that Moving Walls has been chosen as the technology platform to help launch what will be jeki’s largest automated ‘all-OOH’ market.” Moving Walls has created a dedicated project team to localize and customize our technology, including delivery on a private cloud instance, guaranteeing the highest level of service to jeki.”


With this launch, jeki aims to make Japan’s OOH advertising market more efficient, accountable, and measurable, while also increasing the value of the domestic OOH market.

Published on Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 4:17 AM

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