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McDonald’s deploys digital menu boards in 82 drive-thru locations in Denmark (Visual Art)

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

McDonald’s in Denmark updates its drive-thru’s from analogue to digital menu boards, and have selected Visual Art to implement the solution. In total, there are 82 restaurants out of a total of 97, that will have a digital drive thru.

McDonald’s in the Nordics has continuously updated all its drive-thru’s from analogue to digital menu boards in recent years. Now the turn has come to Denmark, which in the coming year will upgrade its 82 restaurants to digital drive-thru’s.

– We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with McDonald’s in the Nordics. That we continue to be trusted to deliver their digital drive thru’s is a fantastic proof of partnership. The digital drive thru solutions are fun to work with, as they really take full advantage of the technological possibilities that simplify the ordering experience for their guests. Showing different options depending on the time of day, weather or similar can both increase sales but also make it easier for guests to choose, which makes the order process faster, says Rasmus Langbjerg, Country Manager at Visual Art Denmark.


McDonald’s digital drive thru’s help the restaurant giant to increase sales by being able to handle more guests during the most intensive periods of the day. The digital menu boards make the staff’s everyday life more efficient when the menus are automatically adjusted according to the time of day instead of previous manual handling. Visibility and readability increase with brighter screens that penetrate a sometimes weather-affected outdoor environment, which also strengthens the guests’ experience. Digital menu boards are flexible and makes it easier to show the right offers depending on the time of day, which also strengthens the guests’ experience. The already rolled out solutions in the other Nordic countries clearly show that the customer journey is made more efficient from the first menu screen until the food is delivered to the door.

– Digital displays for showing menus, inspiration and information have become obvious to us at McDonald’s and it was only a matter of time before Denmark’s restaurants also would be updated. Now, that time is here and we see no better partner in the market to help us than Visual Art, says Fannie Pramming, Communications Manager at McDonald’s Denmark.

Visual Art offers a complete solution with everything from hardware to digital signage software and content production. Through Visual Art’s own digital signage software Signage Player, McDonald’s now has a uniform and modeled standard for how the screens look across the Nordic region. This makes it very easy and efficient to centrally create content that can then be adapted for each local market and where product availability and restaurant selection are also managed automatically via Visual Art’s software.

The technology also makes it possible to continue experimenting with various types of improvements in the future, such as AI solutions that automatically adapt content and offer according to, for example, season and weather, something that further strengthens the customer experience and customer benefit.

Published on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 12:10 AM

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