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Horizon Media Canada agency launches an OOH planning and analytics platform to enhance audience targeting for advertisers

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

TORONTO, April 17, 2023 — Horizon Media Canada has launched AMP, its proprietary OOH planning and analytics platform, to boost marketers’ out of home advertising performance using precision audience targeting and location data-based site selection.

AMP’s Canadian debut is part of a broader expansion of Horizon’s Data Solutions Group. The Horizon Canada unit serves as the foundation of the agency’s data practice. The Group’s overarching focus is dedicated to ingesting numerous data points and turning them into actionable intelligence for brands’ advertising campaigns.

Horizon has appointed Caroline Bergeron to oversee the Data Solutions Group’s Canadian practice as SVP, Data Solutions & Digital. A widely respected advertising and MarTech industry veteran, Bergeron joined Horizon in June 2021 from GroupM, where she held the position of VP, Data and Technology.

In this new role, Bergeron serves as Horizon’s lead on all advanced data solutions. In addition to data solutions, Bergeron is the in-house thought leader. Her track record of staying ahead of the latest industry developments provides agency teams and Horizon clients alike advanced insights to the opportunities and challenges facing marketers’ and their digital advertising objectives.

“The introduction of AMP into the Canadian OOH and the country’s broader advertising marketplace is an absolute game-changer,” Bergeron said. “We’re excited put AMP to work for Horizon clients as they redefine the value of out of home placements and measurement in Canada. On a personal level, I’m gratified to help build out Horizon’s Data Solutions to ensure that the agency and its clients remain at the forefront of digital advertising and the strategies that promote the industry’s growth.”

AMP’s sophisticated data visualizations provide advertisers with robust, data-informed decision-making tools designed to optimize both traditional and Digital OOH placements. Overall, AMP allows advertisers to close the loop around their OOH advertising and their wider media and campaign goals.

The AMP Difference: Driving OOH Intelligence

Horizon’s aim for AMP was a simple, yet ambitious one: to bring more digital intelligence and automation to bear on the placing and evaluating OOH advertising. The platform is powered by a variety of analytics sources, including clients’ first-party and third-party data, as well as Horizon’s proprietary audience insights. Horizon’s AMP ends the manual processes that are typically used for choosing the right billboards, public transit posters, mall kiosks, and outdoor screens.

“As an all-in-one desktop planning application, AMP does away with cumbersome, ancient OOH planning processes,” Bergeron said. “The program has the ability to absorb ad inventory analytics using geolocation from multiple vendor sources. Most importantly, AMP directly connects OOH decisions to all parts of a brand’s campaign. The silos behind outdoor advertising are completely erased with AMP.”

Horizon Media
Horizon Media, Inc, the largest independent media agency in North America, delivers data-driven business outcomes for some of the world’s most innovative and ambitious brands. Founded in 1989, headquartered in New York, and with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, the company employs 2,400 people and has media investments of more than $8.5 billion. Horizon Media’s fundamental belief is that business is personal, which drives its approach to connecting brands with their customers and engaging with its own employees resulting in industry-leading workplace satisfaction levels (Glassdoor). The company is consistently recognized by independent media outlets for its client excellence and has earned several “Best Workplaces” awards reflecting its commitment to DEI and the life and well-being of everyone at Horizon Media.

SOURCE Horizon Media

Published on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 12:17 AM

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