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easescreen now runs on Brightsign XC5 player

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Brightsign XC5 digital signage player powers up to 4 screens from one player, supports 8K, and provides exceptional HTML performance. easescreen is the first digital signage solution to receive, test, and confirm native compatibility with XC5.
Brightsign presented XC5 at Infocomm this year and was named “Best of Show” Winner by Digital Signage magazine. XC5 is available for pre-order and will hit the markets this fall. In September, easescreen received one of the first Brightsign XC5 prototypes for exclusive testing and software implementation. The easescreen in-house development team has now confirmed easescreen’s native compatibility with the upgraded series and attested to XC5’s next-level graphics processing.
Brightsign XC5-40551

Described as the “most powerful player in the Digital Signage industry”, the XC5 opens new possibilities for next-level installations. Building on Brightsign’s signature stable performance, reliability & longevity, this series enables features such as 4K video rotation, 3D motion graphics, and interactivity in 8K. easescreen fully supports these features as the Digital Signage Solution for all applications. Easy content creation and distribution, monitoring, and remote control create the most effective results with XC5.

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easescreen has been a leader in the Digital Signage industry for over 20 years and a long-term Brightsign partner. Its usability, scalability, and interoperability have convinced customers across vertical markets, including Retail, Corporate Communication, and Education. Brightsign LLC is a market leader in commercial Digital Signage players and is known for unsurpassed performance and affordability. The partnership with Brightsign offers the benefits of both worlds: an All-in-One Digital Signage solution paired with proven & reliable Brightsign performance.


Published on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 12:10 AM

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