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DPAA Member Profile: BCN Visuals – a 3D DOOH content studio

Sunday, January 8, 2023

We interviewed Lina Maggi, VP of Partnerships & Head of OOH, BCN Visuals.

What does BCN Visuals do?

BCN Visuals is an award-winning innovation technology company and digital studio known for pioneering 3D anamorphic content and revolutionizing DOOH. Our process involves concepting, producing, and delivering 3D anamorphic visuals and we are always looking to push for first-to-market and never-been-done-before executions for brands and agencies.

What makes BCN Visuals different, what is your unique selling proposition?

We were born from an innovative approach to content creation and a deep love for craft. We believe in a new form of immersive entertainment. People don’t expect to see a car driving out of a billboard in the heart of Times Square (as we did for BMW) – we’re all about developing visuals that will stop people in their tracks.

Most of our team of visual effects designers and computer graphics animators come from working on blockbuster movies and high-profile brands.

What benefits does BCN Visuals provide to the brands, retailers, media owners, consumers?

OOH advertising is unskippable & unblockable and it is one of the few mediums that still evoke an emotional response from viewers where they feel compelled to stop and watch. 3D anamorphic content takes it one step further, delivering an unmeasurable wow factor for brands, media owners and consumers. Viewers pull out their phones to watch, record and share with their network – delivering impressions beyond a standard OOH buy.

How far along is your company, do you have success stories?

Over the two years since the company’s inception, we’ve executed over ninety 3D anamorphic campaigns for top brands across a range of categories. Our latest success story was with BMW, for the launch of the XM model. We developed an eye-catching 3D anamorphic experience that lived in the heart of Times Square and a QR code prompted viewers to pre-order the vehicle. News of the campaign made it one of the most talked about auto launch events of all time, delivering over 15 million views and nearly 2 billion impressions in the first week alone.

What are brands seeing in terms of consumer engagement?

The beauty of 3D anamorphic is that it pushes the boundaries of creativity while bridging the gap between OOH & digital. A campaign on a billboard can extend into social & digital through viral posts, PR, and marketing efforts for much longer than a 4-week OOH campaign, delivering earned impressions and additional engagement for brands way beyond the physical buy.

In what countries do you currently work? Are you expanding into other markets?

BCN Visuals is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Hong Kong, catering to clients across the globe. We recently launched a campaign that spanned across 13 countries and was executed without a hitch. We can create 3D anamorphic content on any full motion screen and have existing relationships with media owners globally. We’re always looking to expand into new markets.

Published on Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 7:06 PM

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