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DOOH ad operator Executive Channel Network (ECN) to use OOH audience measurement data from BlueZoo

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Executive Channel Network (ECN), a digital out-of-home (DOOH) office media publisher, has integrated with BlueZoo to measure opportunities-to-see in ECN’s core operating markets in the UK, France, and Germany.  

ECN has partnered with BlueZoo to deliver counts of persons within the screen-viewing range, measured independently for each screen.  Traditional solutions based on GPS don’t function well indoors and audience numbers are extrapolated from the small sample of mobile phones that share location information.

With brand investment in programmatic DOOH growing rapidly, ECN wanted to future proof its audience trading with results that capture audience variations every minute of every day.  

Charles Parry-Okeden, Global CEO, Executive Channel Holdings (ECH) commented: “Digital Out of Home audience trading is now borderless, and omnichannel campaigns increasingly represent a significant portion of our revenue growth. We are delighted to partner with BlueZoo to expand our audience measurement and ensure our customers are getting 100% of promised impressions.”

BlueZoo represents a new generation of solutions for measuring OOH audiences in a manner that is GDPR compliant. BlueZoo delivers accurate, auditable, privacy-respecting audience data in real time, with recorded values minute-by-minute, daily, and weekly.  

Bill Evans, CEO of BlueZoo observes that “ECN has successfully aggregated a high value audience in premium office locations across the UK and Europe.  BlueZoo’s mission is to measure this audience accurately and consistently. Digital Out-of-home audience impressions in ECN office locations are more valuable than on-line impressions because counts of DOOH impressions are not susceptible to click-bots and other maladies that plague on-line advertising.”  

About ECN

Executive Channel Network (ECN) is a world leading digital-out-home (DOOH) office media publisher connecting brand partners with affluent audiences in premium office environments. ECN delivers 17 million weekly impressions across 850 digital screens in 550 locations, and is present in 12 cities including London, Paris, and the main German cities.  ECN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Executive Channel Holdings (ECH). For more information, please visit

About BlueZoo, Inc. 

BlueZoo Inc. delivers foot traffic analytics services to customers in the out-of-home advertising, retail, and insurance industries.  BlueZoo has deployed thousands of sensors to hundreds of customers throughout the world and its products are protected by 6 patents.  Customers include JCDecaux, Sodexo, and Executive Channel Network.  All BlueZoo products are GDPR compliant and regularly audited by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany.  BlueZoo is based in Menlo Park, California, and is funded by Fusion Fund.


Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 5:39 PM

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