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Media Resources Expands Patented SITELINE™ Family, Redefining Light Trespass Mitigation in Digital Displays

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Media Resources’ innovative technology sets new standards for light control in LED displays.

Toronto, Ontario – Media Resources, a manufacturer of LED displays, has expanded its patented SITELINE™ family with the introduction of Generation 3 technology. This technology improves light trespass mitigation in LED displays, which is important for the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry.

SITELINE™ is designed for billboard operators, advertisers, and residential neighborhoods. SITELINE™ provides light blocking control, allowing operators to display vibrant content while eliminating unwanted light trespass. SITELINE™ gives billboard operators flexibility in choosing display locations, as the technology eliminates the light trespass concerns that previously made certain sites infeasible.


SITELINE™ caters to various application needs by offering multiple pixel pitches, including 10.67mm, 16.67mm, and 20mm, suitable for digital billboards in urban or highway environments. Advertisers and businesses can now reach their target audience with eye-catching digital displays and yet present nearly zero light (less than 0.2%) to nearby light sensitive areas. This patented approach ensures optimal visibility in a wide useful viewing angle while being more than 10 times more effective than other market solutions in blocking unwanted light. The SITELINE™ product is backed by a process where the Media Resources Engineering team provides extensive support to customers, offering a range of services that encompass full light studies, presentations, and demonstrations to governing bodies, ensuring tailored light blocking solutions.

SITELINE™ stands apart from other technologies that compromise readability by blocking light from both sides. Instead, it offers precise left or right light control, optimizing visibility for the target audience. By minimizing reflections and meticulously managing optical geometries, this innovative solution guarantees exceptional readability and a seamless transition zone, ensuring maximum exposure for advertisers. In addition to SITELINE’s true light trespass mitigation capabilities, Media Resources also provides a range of products to cater to different application needs. This includes our standard view angle products for traditional applications and, on a limited basis, a specialized “reduced view angle” product that aligns with similar characteristics found in competitive technologies available in the market.

Developed by a team of electrical engineers, SITELINE™ is the result of a profound understanding of the concerns expressed by municipalities and end-users regarding light control. It represents the first of several groundbreaking developments that Media Resources has introduced to the industry.

“SITELINE™ originated from more than a decade of direct engagement with regulatory stakeholders and the public as technical and lighting experts,” says Cheng Qian, Chief Product Architect at Media Resources, and inventor of SITELINE™. “It had been clear that light trespass was often one of the most significant barriers to getting approvals. Though regulatory barriers are not traditionally addressed with product technology, our product team took immediate steps to design a comprehensive solution to this problem. Over time, our extensive engineering efforts have culminated in a product that proved so effective that it is widely trusted by both operators and regulators.”

“We are proud to be the original inventors of the SITELINE™ technology,” said Jeff Rushton, CEO & President at Media Resources. “As we continue to listen attentively to the needs of the industry, communities, and the public, several exciting industry-changing developments are already in progress, scheduled for release by the end of the 4th quarter and the beginning of the 1st quarter next year. We take pride not only in our responsiveness but also in our commitment to developing products that elevate the industry while benefiting the community and the public. With SITELINE™, we have not only met the demands of billboard operators and municipalities but have positive responses from the communities in which these displays are installed. Our patented technology and unwavering commitment to customer success make us the most trusted provider in the market.”

Recognizing the evolving needs of billboard operators and municipalities, Media Resources remains at the forefront of innovation. The SITELINE™ technology has undergone rigorous refinement, resulting in its patented third-generation design, which offers enhanced reliability and performance. As the industry leader, Media Resources has SITELINE™ displays deployed in municipalities across North America, with a perfect success rate of addressing lighting concerns, demonstrating the company’s commitment to responsible application of Digital Billboard technology. With SITELINE™ pre-planning, light study, commissioning and field measurement/verification services, Media Resources provides turnkey, end-to-end solutions to enable DOOH operators.

With SITELINE™, Media Resources continues its mission to simplify visual communication solutions and be the go-to provider for businesses across various industries. By combining their in-house research and development, engineering, manufacturing, project management, and installation capabilities, they ensure a seamless experience for their customers.

For more information about Media Resources’ SITELINE™ technology and to explore their comprehensive range of visual communication solutions, visit www.mediaresources.com

To see how SITELINE™ works click here.

About Media Resources

Media Resources is a leading manufacturer and provider of turnkey, end-to-end visual communication solutions. With over 55 years of experience, Media Resources has been a trusted partner for businesses in need of signage, digital displays, and related services. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Media Resources operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and operations across North America


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Media Resources
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Published on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 at 11:10 PM

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