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Deutsche Telekom AG selects Philips Tableaux ePaper Series displays for its DOOH network

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Amsterdam, February 2024: Deutsche Telekom has selected the Philips Tableaux ePaper Series as part of plans to extend and expand upon its digital out of home (DOOH) communications.

In 2023, PPDS broke new ground for display technology, by becoming the world’s first leading display manufacturer to introduce full colour, large format, 16:9 ePaper digital signage. The Philips Tableaux range includes the multi-award-winning 25.3” Philips Tableaux 4150, and the recently unveiled 32” Philips Tableaux 5150. The full Philips Tableaux range has been developed with PPDS’ technology partner, E Ink, the originator, pioneer, and global leader in ePaper technology.

Hailed as the world’s most energy efficient digital signage offering – displaying a static image with no light emissions and only using very minimal power when remotely managing the display, such as changing the image – the system will be able to display targeted communications 24/7, managed entirely remotely from a central location.

Martijn van der Woude, VP Global Marketing and Business Development, said: “Sustainability in operations is of growing importance for business everywhere, as is reducing energy consumption. Developing new opportunities with our Philips Tableaux ePaper displays, we can offer the advertising industry a new era of more sustainable digital out of home communications.”

“Philips Tableaux displays show a static image with no light emissions and zero power, and needing only super low power when the image is changed out. What is more, with our Android SoC and Power over Ethernet included as standard on all new models, these displays are also PPDS Wave ready, allowing remote device and content management and all the efficiencies that come together with that. It is a privilege to collaborate with Deutsche Telekom and Tennagels to develop new commercial opportunities with these groundbreaking displays.”


Working together with Tennagels Medientechnik – a leading system integrator and valued PPDS partner based in Düsseldorf – Deutsche Telekom will be able to design a completely new inventory line. The integration of Philips Tableaux ePaper displays into the Deutsche Telekom digital out of home ecosystem is scheduled to start in summer 2024 with a field test in Germany.

Nadia Riahi, Sales Manager Signage DE at PPDS, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Deutsche Telekom, helping them achieve an ambition that simply wasn’t possible before we introduced the Philips Tableaux Series into the market. Together with Tennagels Medientechnik, our trusted and valued partner, we have been able to demonstrate our capabilities to one of the world’s top telecom brands, and we can’t wait to see the first Philips Tableaux displays appear this year. I am delighted to be involved in this exciting project and believe that this is a great step into the technological future for more sustainable signage solutions.”

Michael Tölle, Head of Media & Analytics at Telekom Deutschland, added: “Philips Tableaux ePaper displays based on the E Ink Spectra™ 6 platform offer the most sustainable way to digitise the out of home advertising on our outdoor housings as they come with no light emission and almost zero energy consumption. We are looking forward testing the 32” Tableaux ePapers in the next month together with PPDS and Tennagels Medientechnik to jointly customise the product to our business.”

Sven Beinlich, International Key Account Director at PPDS, concluded: “At PPDS, our aim is always to lead from the front, delivering innovation that brings new opportunities and new capabilities to businesses. Deutsche Telekom is a perfect example of this, allowing them to extend and even monetise their digital outdoor marketing, while also supporting them in their sustainability ambitions. We look forward to working with Deutsche Telekom on this exciting project and thank them for choosing PPDS and Philips Tableaux.”

Thomas Tennagels, founder of Tennagels Medientechnik, added: “Tennagels will develop a customised enclosure that is specifically tailored to the requirements of the Telekom Digital Signage concept and to those for the Philips Tableaux epaper display. Our engineers will not only focus on protection from the elements in any climate, but will also design the solution to be vandal-proof for unprotected public outdoor areas.”

For Tennagels, the challenges include designing a display housing that can be perfectly adapted to the existing Telekom Multifunctional Housing, thus fitting seamlessly into the overall appearance of the Telekom digital signage solution. And not only functionally, such as ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of the existing sensitive Telekom technology, but also easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

He continued: “Through this innovative integration of indoor ePaper displays into the digital signage concept, Telekom will benefit from a high quality, energy efficient, and vandal-proof digital display product. This partnership between Tennagels, Telekom, and PPDS marks a significant step towards future oriented digitalisation and underlines the commitment of all three companies to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

To learn more about PPDS, please visit the website here, or contact your local PPDS sales manager.

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Published on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at 4:05 PM

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