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Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau (COMMB) to use population movement data from Environics Analytics

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Toronto, October 19, 2023 – COMMB, the Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau, has joined forces with Environics Analytics (EA) to access comprehensive nationwide population movement data through its mobile-location services. This collaboration strengthens COMMB’s understanding of population behaviours and improves the accuracy of calculations for audience measurements, reach and frequency, as well as gross rating points (GRP) within the out-of-home advertising space.

The focus of the Canadian Out-of-Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau (COMMB) lies in delivering insights, data, and measurement remedies tailored for Canada’s out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry. A core function of COMMB is to furnish precise audience measurement information for OOH advertising, much like the audience measurement tools present in other advertising channels. Their objective is to quantify the reach of OOH advertisements across diverse target demographics. This process assists advertisers in gauging campaign effectiveness and fine-tuning their messages to achieve optimal impact.

Environics Analytics, along with its mobile-location service called MobileScapes, offers the
most precise, all-encompassing, and current database of mobile movement data accessible for marketing and business purposes in Canada. MobileScapes is built upon data gathered from reliable sources through location-enabled apps, all based on user permissions. Prior to reaching Environics Analytics, the data is stripped of identifying information by the suppliers. Once received, Environics Analytics employs top-tier spatial data processing and analytical methodologies to power COMMB’s cutting-edge out-of-home audience measurement algorithms.

Amanda Dorenberg, President of COMMB, states, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance the out-of-home advertising landscape in Canada. By joining forces with Environics Analytics, we are harnessing the power of cutting-edge data and analysis techniques to provide our industry with unparalleled insights into population behaviours. This partnership reinforces our commitment to delivering accurate audience measurements and elevates the value we bring to advertisers, agencies, and stakeholders.”

“This partnership reinforces the importance of robust data driving key metrics for media in Canada,” says Jan Kestle, President of Environics Analytics. “At EA, we support Canadian media channels by providing the data they need to build the frameworks for planning, targeting and measurement. This aligns with COMMB’s mandate to do the same for the Canadian OOH channel. We are excited to support this vital media channel in Canada.”

Collectively, these developments underscore a resounding commitment to innovation and excellence, poised to reshape the Canadian out-of-home advertising sphere and illuminate new horizons for effective communication and engagement.

COMMB is the national organization for the Canadian OOH industry comprised of advertisers, advertising agencies and OOH companies. COMMB is responsible for developing and verifying audience measurement methodologies, providing audience data and planning resources, marketing and communications, government relations and member services. www.commb.ca

About Environics Analytics
Environics Analytics (EA) is the premier marketing and analytical services company in Canada, helping thousands of customers across every industry sector turn data and analytics into strategy, insights, and results. Established in 2003, we specialize in using best-in-class data, analytics expertise, and purpose-built software (including software-as-a-service platforms ENVISION and SPOTLIGHT) to address key challenges in areas such as consumer profiling and segmentation, multichannel media planning and execution, trade area analysis, merchandising strategies and site location decision-making. Environics Analytics is a Bell Canada company. www.environicsanalytics.com/en-ca
For more information, please contact:
Farrokh Mansouri
Head of Data, COMMB


Published on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 5:14 PM

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