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OAAA: Why Revenue, Ad Spend Reporting Are Critical to OOH Growth

Guest post by Nancy Fletcher,
President & CEO, OAAA

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

By outpacing all advertising media other than digital media (mobile, social, online), the OOH industry has now posted 24 consecutive quarters of growth and is positioned to remain number two in total growth among core media through 2016, according to Magna Global.

As OOH continues to increase ad spend revenue, our industry needs to become as transparent as possible to further engage advertisers. Revenue performance is one of the most critical forms of measurement available to benchmark our success.

• How do we measure the OOH industry’s share of all ad dollars?

• How can we assess the success of initiatives the OOH industry implements?

It comes down to accurate revenue reporting. Without accurate reporting, the story of the medium’s trajectory will be incomplete. Success, and momentum, can only be defined if progress is reported, and recognized. To accomplish this, each OOH media company must do its part for the industry to be counted as a significant player in the media world.

OOH advertising is unique in how revenue and ad spending are collected and reported. For other traditional media, the process is passive and automatic. For OOH, it’s compiled company by company, market by market. Only through a committed industry will available statistics be accurate.

Three entities report OOH advertising revenue, each satisfying a different need: OAAA, Miller Kaplan, and Kantar Media.

Digital Media Growth

This article explains how to report to each service and why reporting is important.

OAAA has worked closely with the other services to identify methods to streamline and synthesize data collection in order to minimize the work involved with reporting to multiple groups.

Reporting to these agencies has many benefits:

• Advertisers plan their spending strategies;

• Investors determine their buy ratings;

• Trade press reports on industry revenue growth based on these numbers.

OAAA receives hundreds of requests each year for revenue and ad spend data. The more accurate the revenue data is, the better OAAA can serve its members and in turn, members’ clients to understand the media landscape, a category, a market, or simply how they compare against competitors.

Since the OOH industry is comprised of a versatile mix of formats, it is crucial to include as much information as possible, so that no industry segment is under-reported.

We thank all companies currently reporting.

If your company is not reporting to all of these services, we urge you to begin reporting right away so that the success of OOH can be more readily defined.

As of today, Kantar is estimated to report about 65 percent of OOH revenue. In other words, there’s at least 1/3 of OOH revenue going unreported.

With the help of every OAAA member, OAAA can accurately represent the size, vibrancy, and momentum of this growing industry.

If you have any questions about revenue reporting, please contact
OAAA’s VP of Marketing Steve Nicklin at or (202)833-5566.

Why Report and How to Report Better

There are many important reasons to report ad spend:

1. Robust monthly revenue reports to Miller Kaplan and Kantar are critical for accurately reporting the vibrancy and growth of the OOH industry.

2. Accurately representing the size of the OOH industry can translate into increased business, interest from the press, interest from Wall Street, and respect from the public. It is about defining OOH success, credibility and economic impact in our communities across the US.

3. Our customers (advertisers & agencies) consistently ask for competitive information to build their marketing plans. They want to know what competitors are doing, what markets they are in, and what level of OOH investments they are making.

4. OOH planning and buying services use competitive information as a benchmarking tool as well as a guide when comparing marketingstrategies to make critical decisions on OOH spending.

5. Competitive information can help clients determine how big an OOH buy needs to be either to stay competitive in a market or to dominate their category.

6. Accurate competitive spending reports are something advertisers and their agencies expect from a mature and primary medium.

This information elevates OOH to the media status it deserves alongside other core media.

You can help improve OOH reporting:

1. Make sure the revenue numbers you report are rate card. All competitive core media are reported at rate card level, and we need to ensure OOH is reported the same way to avoid understating our industry’s success.

2. Billboard companies represent the majority of companies that routinely report their revenue. To provide a more comprehensive view of the size of the OOH industry, revenue reporting is needed from all OOH media formats to deliver an accurate portrayal.

3. Both Kantar Media and Miller Kaplan have worked with OAAA to develop simple formats for reporting revenue. Their forms are straightforward and your revenue reporting systems can be easily manipulated to provide the few data fields required.

Revenue Reporting All Stars

These OAAA members are regular reporting contributors to Miller Kaplan and/or Kantar Media:

Acme Poster Advertising LLC
Adams Outdoor Advertising
Allison Outdoor Advertising
AllOver Media
Arrington Outdoor Advertising
Ashby St. Outdoor
Barrett Outdoor Communications
Burkhart Advertising
City Outdoor/NPA
Clear Channel Outdoor
DDI Media
Do It Outdoors
Dusty’s Outdoor Media, LLC
EYE Corp Media
Fairway Outdoor Advertising
George Lay Signs
Hughes Outdoor Media
Insight Advertising
JC Decaux North America
Lamar Advertising Company
Magellan Transit Media
Meadow Outdoor Advertising
Murray Outdoor Communications
National CineMedia
Norton Outdoor Advertising
Park Outdoor Advertising
Porter Advertising
Reagan Outdoor Advertising
Signal Outdoor
Steen Outdoor Advertising
Stott Outdoor Advertising
Sunrise Outdoor Advertising
View Outdoor Advertising
Waitt Outdoor
Wolverine Sign Works
YESCO Outdoor Media
Zoom Media Corp. 

Guidelines for Revenue Reporting

To ensure industry revenue is accurate and correctly represented in the advertising and media community, OAAA requests OOH companies report revenue to the following entities:


Who Asks OAAA for Revenue and Ad Spend Data?


OAAA AdSpend_PieChart_Updated


Nancy Fletcher, President & CEO,
1850 M Street NW, Suite 1040
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 833-5566

Miller Kaplan:
Andrew Rosen, Partner
4123 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91602
(818) 769-2010 x1108

Kantar Media:
John Ciotoli, Director of Magazine Sales
11 Madison Ave. 12th Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 991-6087

Published on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 12:19 AM

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