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Why big brands advertise on Vector Media’s DOOH screens

Guest post by Mel Stott

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Vector Media is a fast-growing US OOH ad operator specializing in data-driven, innovative large-format transit advertising.

In this exclusive interview with Digital Signage Pulse, CEO of Vector Media Marc Borzykowski revealed some of the reasons behind the company’s rapid success.

Please tell us about Vector Media’s origins.

Vector Media was founded over 20 years ago by industry pioneer Bill Schwartz. The company started as a billboard company. However, we really differentiated ourselves from competition when we introduced double-decker bus advertising in Las Vegas in 2005.

This operation soon grew into the nation’s only double-decker tour bus network, covering 18 top US DMAs. Originating as a novelty, that product quickly became a staple media buy. It delivers a rare combination of reach and impact in ways few other outdoor media products can. The ads are the size of a billboard but they move along the streets, at eye level, through densely populated city centers.

Over the past few years, we have taken this model of large format transit and expanded it to public transit (i.e. municipal bus, rail and shelter advertising) contracts. As a result, Vector Media have doubled the size of operations, increased its presence to almost 60 markets. It became the largest transit advertising company in the country.

Could you describe what Vector Media does in digital out-of-home advertising?

Vector Media entered the digital out-of-home market with the introduction of six large format digital double-deckers. Each bus had 27’x 6’ screens on the sides. Those screens can run video content, live stream, social media feeds; really anything. We run those on data-informed custom routes in whatever markets our clients need.

We have continued to add digital assets to our portfolio. Most recently, we created bus shelters equipped with state-of-the-art 85” Samsung LCD screens in Las Vegas. We also launched a DDTV chanel, which runs on 12”x12” digital panels. These panels can be connected and affixed to our double-deckers in almost any configuration, transforming static creative into dynamic digital OOH.

Most recently, Vector Media has also taken over the rights to the iconic digital billboard at 3 Columbus Circle in New York.

In what markets and venue types can we see your screens?

One of the most exciting developments at Vector Media in the last couple of years has been the speed of our market expansion. The business went from roughly 20 markets in 2016 to almost 60 highly desirable markets today.

Our coverage spans from the top DMAs like NYC, LA and Chicago, to top tourist destinations like Nashville, New Orleans and Santa Monica. And that growth will continue as we add additional public markets and further scale our private transit business.

Your experiential division is also growing fast. What type of brand experiences does Vector Media offer?

In 2019 alone, we will record 50% growth over 2018 in our experiential campaign sales. This division uses our unique and largely proprietary assets – from digital and glass double-deckers to food trucks and glass trucks.  We use those as immersive environments for brand-driven events such as pop-up retail stores, mobile showrooms and for sampling programs for our clients.


Vector Media transit DOOH advertising

Who are some of your regular advertisers?

Our client base runs the gamut, with some added strength in tech, entertainment, CPG, beer/spirits, fashion/retail and healthcare. Some of our biggest advertisers include Google, Apple,Facebook, Sony Entertainment, Disney, Netflix, Discovery Channel, La Croix Beverages, Vita Coco, Nike, Kenneth Cole, Levi’s, Humana, NYU Langone.

Do you provide any attribution metrics for your campaigns?

Data and measurement have become core components of our services over the past two years. In 2018, we set up a Data & Insights division within our marketing department. We currently use a range of tools to plan, optimize and measure campaigns.

For campaign planning, we optimize bus routes with Neustar and use Geopath GRPs to maximize reach and frequency among target audiences.

We augment our DOOH campaigns with mobile retargeting via Blue Bite, and live measurement with LiveGauge.

In addition, Vector Media uses third-party attribution studies to analyze campaign results (brick and mortar walk-ins, product purchases, website visits, etc.). We also measure brand awareness and perception metrics in consumers exposed to our campaigns.

What’s ahead in 2020 for Vector Media?

First and foremost, we are focused on continued growth and on improving our core transit platform. In other words, the company will be adding new markets and deploying new technology.

The management also intends to keep growing the experiential division, particularly in the mobile retail arena. We believe that we have a truly unique set of solutions for clients looking to challenge the traditional brick and mortar retail model.

Lastly, we will continue to roll out new data solutions and to further augment our transit platform with digital signage.

Learn more about Vector Media by clicking here.

Vector Media is a member of the DPAA.

Published on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 7:17 PM

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