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The Netherlands: MyAdbooker Launched Real-Time Bidding Platform For Digital Out-Of-Home Screens

By Nurlan Urazbaev,
Editor-in-Chief, Digital Signage Pulse

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Amsterdam, December 17th 2014. – MyAdbooker has launched a platform for Real Time Buying on digital out of home advertising (DOOH). With the added possibility of Real Time Bidding, MyAdbooker enables advertisers to adapt out of home advertising to real time events and situations. With this achievement DOOH is finally on par with real time online advertising.

Programmatic buying and Real-Time Bidding
Programmatic buying has been playing a mayor part in purchasing, optimisation and realisation of online advertising. With Real Time Bidding advertisers are able to bid on advertisement space for important websites, increasing yield form online campaigns.

Major companies like Microsoft, Google and Appnexus are leading the way. However the existing platforms do not offer the opportunity for real time bidding in digital out of home advertising.

But this has changed now. MyAdbooker has developed a Supply Side Platform (SSP) for Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) and has made it possible for Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to gain real time access to DOOH screens. Real Time Bidding for DOOH is now a reality and with it the wide range of targeting and optimisation.

Coca Cola as first adopter
Coca Cola is the first to use the new technology, using programmatic buying and real time bidding for their Dutch Christmas DOOH campaign, which was launched December 6th.

Cadreon (a subsidiary of IPG Mediabrands) managed the acquisition for the campaign. Platform 161 has developed the first bidder, which enables their Demand Side Platform to connect to the MyAdbooker Supply Side Platform. With this connection real time bidding and programmatic buying is now possible on DOOH screens.

Using DOOH more effectively
By connecting Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) screens to the MyAdbooker online booking system, it is now possible for advertisers to enrich their online strategy with outdoor reach based on real time information. This innovation enables advertisers to implement DOOH in sync with mobile, video, display and social from one DSP. Time targeting to specific audiences is now fully automated, for example, based on available data it is known when students, business travellers or shoppers use public transport most intensively. Advertisers can now actively target these specific groups at specific times. With the added possibility to
bid solely when a train arrives at a station using kinect technology, claiming optimal audience retention from travellers departing the train.

4500 screens connected
CS Digital Media is the first publisher to add DOOH inventory, with approximately 4500 screens connected to the platform. 2015 will see more publishers offering inventory through the MyAdbooker platform throughout Europe. Widening the targeting opportunities with large LED screens in cities and highways it will be possible to target based on traffic
intensity or local footfall.

About MyAdbooker
MyAdbooker, founded in 2012, is an Amsterdam based technology company. We bring brands closer to the consumer, even when they are not online. It is our ambition to bring the speed and control of online advertising to outdoor advertising by developing software solutions making offline pixels available online.

Published on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 6:22 PM

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