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Reveal Mobile: We provide location intelligence that has not been available to DOOH advertisers before

Guest post by Mel Stott

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Reveal Mobile is one of the DOOH industry’s leaders in the use of location intelligence for advertisers. Dan Dillon, Reveal Mobile’s VP Marketing, revealed to Mel Stott what’s behind the company’s rapid success.

Please tell us how Reveal Mobile serves the OOH marketplace.

Clients use our location intelligence solutions to measure viewership and the impact of out-of-home advertising, whether mobile or static, digital or traditional. In addition, they use our products to measure attribution and  to conduct multi-channel re-targeting.

Your VISIT Local platform won the 2019 MarTech Breakthrough award for Best Location Based Marketing Platform. What type of data does the VISIT platform offer advertisers?

We offer two location data products: VISIT Local and VISIT Match. Both provide location-based analytics, audiences and attribution.

VISIT Local does this through an easy-to-use and powerful software interface. We designed this software for marketers at agencies, brands and OOH companies.

VISIT Match offers intelligence via a managed data service, which is a good fit for organizations with analytics and data teams. Think of it as a location data service for marketing, advertising and product teams that matches the places you care about with the people who visited them.

We see a lot of larger OOH organizations that tend to use VISIT Match. You can learn more about VISIT Local here. And you can get information about VISIT Match here: here.

Reveal Mobile location intelligence for DOOH advertising VISIT

Your website refers to VISIT’s “powerful, intuitive user interface.” Please tell us about the user interface and how it works.

VISIT Local is location intelligence software that does three things:

  1. provides audience and foot traffic analytics for locations you care about;
  2. enables you to build audiences based on the stores, restaurants and other retail locations people have visited;
  3. solves for foot traffic attribution without the need for any additional tech.

Is VISIT available as a white-labeled product?

Yes, you can white-label VISIT Local. This is an especially compelling option for agencies that specialize in DOOH services.

Do you work with both advertisers and agencies?

Yes, we do. Small to mid-sized agencies, in particular, are underserved. And we built a location data solution specifically for this market.

Many of our agency customers are doing highly innovative location-based advertising using tools that weren’t available until VISIT Local hit the street last year. Likewise, advertisers large and small are using VISIT Local and VISIT Match to fuel highly effective location-based marketing campaigns. You can see a selection of case studies here:

Who are some of Reveal Mobile’s clients?

On the agency side, a few of our customers include mobilads, Plunge Digital, French West Vaughn and Gupta Media. Many of our advertiser and OOH clients are large, operating nationwide.

Can you give us an example of how VISIT was used in a recent ad campaign?

To give you an example, mobilads is one of our out-of-home customers. They wrap rideshare vehicles with ads and use VISIT Match to optimize and report on campaigns. mobilads recently worked with a large consumer brand to increase awareness and text message sign-ups for the brand’s mobile stores in Atlanta and Houston. They wrapped 200 rideshare vehicles and placed a headrest organizer with a call to action to sign up via text message inside the cars.

Coupling out-of-home advertising with a re-targeting campaign, mobilads increased foot traffic to the mobile stores. Using VISIT Match to measure viewership and proximity to advertising that is constantly moving around town on rideshare vehicles is one of the more innovative use cases we’re seeing in DOOH.

How does Reveal Mobile comply with consumer privacy protection requirements?

When it comes to location data, there is no issue more sensitive or more important than privacy. Reveal Mobile has put years of work into ensuring that we collect, manage and use consumers’ location data safely, ethically and responsibly. In addition to being CCPA compliant, Reveal Mobile has been at the forefront of location data privacy best practices since our inception.

We have implemented the privacy management recommendations of the Internet Advertising Bureau, the Network Advertising Initiative, the Future of Privacy Forum, the Mobile Marketing Association, and the California Attorney General’s office.

As a best practice, we adhere to the Network Advertising Initiative’s (NAI) Code of Conduct, the most authoritative privacy policy in the ad tech industry.

As a result, have a certificate from NAI, and we participate in an annual audit to maintain our good standing. You can read more about privacy leadership here:

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Published on Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 9:44 PM

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