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Press coverage of the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit, November 03, 2015, NY, NY

By Nurlan Urazbaev,
Editor-in-Chief, Digital Signage Pulse

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Charlene Weisler of Media Village recapped the DPAA Summit in her article The Mediapalooza is the Message Says the DPAA. She writes: Currently “forty-one percent of OOH is digital,” according to DPAA Chairman François de Gaspé Beaubien — and this is poised to increase over the next few years.

Looking ahead, DPAA CEO Barry Frey predicts that “by 2017 more than half of all OOH revenue will be digital and 10% bought programmatically. There will then be a steep curve towards programmatic.”

Jeff Gunderman, president and CEO of Eye Corp, spoke with The Drum at the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) Video Everywhere Summit about out-of-home advertising opportunities for marketers during the holiday season.

Eye Corp, which provides traditional and digital out-of-home advertising in malls, bars, and nightclub throughout the US, recently commissioned a survey that found 82 per cent of holiday shoppers say they plan to spend the same or more at the mall this year.

Gunderman, who leads the mobile integration committee for the DPAA and sits on the interactive committee for the OOH Advertising Association, discusses how shopping mall developers are increasingly investing more money and energy into turning them into ‘destination’ locations to appeal to consumers and how mobile can integrate with more traditional media.

You can find the video interview with Jeff here .


AdWeek singled out a presentation by Rishad Tobacowalla, chief strategist at Publicis Groupe and known Zen master of the agency world, who made great use of his 10-minute slot by identifying the year marketing was turned upside down, then offering ideas on how to think about successful marketing today and in the future.

After establishing that the three drivers of change in marketing and communications are globalization, demographic shifts and digitization, Tobaccowala pointed out that the increase in processing power in smartphones—today’s phones have greater processing power than all the computers in the first space shuttle, he noted—has empowered consumers like never before, turning them into veritable Davids with slingshots to marketers’ Goliaths. Read the original article here. 

MediaPost’s Joe Mandese covered a debate of top industry executives capping off the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association’s annual “Video Everywhere”.

The debate, which was moderated point/counterpoint style by Simulmedia CEO and Founder Dave Morgan, positioned advocates on two sides of an opposing question: Should video advertising be treated “agnostically and equally” regardless of the TV, PC, handheld or digital-out-of-home screen it appears on? 

Taking the pro side of that position were Posterscope CEO Helma Larkin and Initiative President Kris Magel. Taking the con side were Giant Spoon Co-Founder Alan Cohen and CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack. Read the original article here. 

Y&R (one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies) Global CEO David Sable caught up with the Drum‘s Found Remote after his keynote at the Video Everywhere Summit to discuss the future of TV.

Sable brought up concerns with a subscription-only TV future, but discussed how advertising will probably win like it did with cable TV. During his keynote he also pointed out that “in 1999 there were 26 series you could watch on TV,” and that today, “looking at cable, streaming there are over 1,700 series that aren’t USG, or cats peeing on your shoes.” See above for the full interview. You can find David Sables exclusive interview video here.

DailyDOOH‘s Gail Chiasson named this year’s Summit ‘the best she has ever attended’. Read Gail’s reports here and here

The Drum also posted a video of Pepsi’s Scott Halderman who spoke at the Summit about the video and digital campaigns that have taken place over the past year to promote Lipton’s new sparkling iced tea.

You can find all Twitter coverage of the DPAA’s summit here: 

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Published on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 at 5:12 PM

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