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Posterscope launches world’s first real-time trading platform for digital billboards

By Nurlan Urazbaev,
Editor-in-Chief, Digital Signage Pulse

Friday, December 12, 2014

Beta launch, powered by technology from Vistar Media, brings online-style trading to premium quality Out-of-Home media. Leading Out-of-Home Media Companies Lamar and OUTFRONT Media Sign on as Charter Partners

Leading global OOH communications agency Posterscope today announces the launch of the world’s first real-time trading platform for digital billboards. The platform is the result of a partnership between Posterscope, leading location-based technology company Vistar Media and a committed group of leading out-of-home media owners.

Media owner partners for the beta launch phase, which commences during Q1 2015, include Lamar, and OUTFRONT Media (formerly CBS Outdoor) who between them operate more than 2800 digital billboards.

Posterscope will utilize Vistar’s digital OOH real-time buying platform to offer brands greater agility and audience targeting, as well as access to premium inventory, while growing the OOH market by opening up more online budgets to the medium. The move helps ensure that Posterscope’s clients can take full advantage of the connectivity of digital OOH.

The initiative creates a premium quality ‘private marketplace’ combining audience-based trading with location-based intelligence. This also sets the groundwork for brand-new applications of increasingly real-time data to inform OOH buying decisions.

“Being able to trade premium inventory in real-time at scale allows brands to maximize relevance, engagement and targeting which is essential for the growth of OOH,” said James Davies, Chief Strategy Officer at Posterscope. “This highly collaborative and innovative initiative delivers a major step change in the medium creating value for both advertisers and stakeholders in the OOH industry.”

“Vistar’s goal has always been to elevate OOH in the minds of buyers, planners, and clients by bringing the most advanced technology and data to the medium,” said Jeremy Ozen, President at Vistar Media. “By partnering with Posterscope, we are excited to continue bringing innovation to market which will ultimately show clients how OOH can reliably target their audiences while out-of-home in the real world.”

Helma Larkin, CEO, Posterscope USA, said, “With the launch of the beta phase of this initiative, we will bring the power of online techniques to the real world, in real time, in a fully automated way. In today’s era of convergence where the lines between the digital and physical worlds continue to blur, OOH is an increasingly important component of the media mix for how we most effectively reach the consumer in their daily journey. Through this initiative, we will now be able to offer our clients a more nimble and dynamic means of reaching their target audience.”

In a related initiative, Posterscope and Vistar have worked together on the application of location-based mobile data to optimize both traditional and digital OOH planning and buying, utilizing a variety of sources including Airsage, which aggregates location data from two of the largest US mobile carriers. This complements Posterscope’s groundbreaking partnership with the UK’s largest carrier, EE, which has driven increases in brand metrics delivered by OOH campaigns by up to 200%. Vistar’s location data analytics will be integrated with Posterscope’s own proprietary planning tools, data platform, and operating system in 2015 to allow the seamless application of multiple datasets whether first, second or third party.


For further information contact:
Belle Lenz
Communications Director, Americas
+1 646‐742‐5029

About Posterscope
Posterscope is the world’s leading Out‐Of‐Home communications agency and knows how consumers behave when Out‐Of‐Home more comprehensively than anyone else. Posterscope understands how Out‐f‐Home advertising integrates with other media, including mobile and digital, and pioneers trials to understand how consumers do and will use emerging and evolving technologies both now and in the future. With billings in excess of $2.2 billion, we have over 700 people in 48 offices located in 27 countries worldwide. Posterscope group agencies include international agency PSI and brand experience agency psLIVE.

About Vistar Media
Vistar Media utilizes patent-pending geospatial audience technology to better understand consumers’ real-world movements and behaviors from location data. As the only ad platform powered by mobile carrier data from two of the country’s largest wireless providers, Vistar Media enables advertisers to more accurately and completely reach on-the-go consumers, whether they are looking down at their phones or around at their surroundings. By leveraging these location-based insights via a first-of-its-kind, cross-screen advertising platform, Vistar Media helps target audiences and reach consumers with a unique mobile and out-of-home execution.

Published on Friday, December 12, 2014 at 4:37 PM

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