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Mimo Monitors: big success of small format digital signage

Guest post by Mel Stott

Friday, April 12, 2019

What makes Mimo Monitors screens competitive? 

We are the only major brand that focuses on small format displays. Whereas our competitors may have one option at a given size, we may have 15 different variants. It could be display-only, all-in-one, or our BrightSign Built-in displays or other versions. This means that we probably have the perfect solution in the warehouse, ready to ship.

Moreover, unlike many competitors, we have complete control over the quality of manufacturing. While we are U.S.-based, we manufacture our displays in our own factory in South Korea where some of the most experienced display engineers on the planet live.

In addition, Mimo understands the life-cycle of major projects. We intentionally do not discontinue old products every year and then launch a replacement that may or may not look or function as the previous version. We keep our products around for as long as the market needs them. Eventually, when it is time to retire a model, we give customers at least a year before we take this action. We have only retired a few products since we were founded in 2009.

We also pride ourselves on taking good care of our customers. When people call with a problem or a question, they will speak to a highly knowledgeable US-based member of our team. We’re also  highly flexible, and can create myriad solutions tailored to fit the customer’s need.

Mimo Monitors digital signage

Mimo Monitors digital signage.


Can you give us an example of how Mimo’s touch screens are being used in retail?

A good example of this is our collaboration with The Sellr Platform, a point-of-purchase, user-friendly technology solution that engages shoppers online and in the aisle to drive traffic and sales.

Sellr utilizes the Mimo Monitors’ 10.1” commercial tablet, MCT-10QDS-POE, and mounted 2d barcode scanner, to provide real-time expanded product and related information.

We collaborated with them in retail locations that use Sellr’s technology and our monitors. Shoppers can simply scan the barcode on a bottle of wine to find great suggestions for what to serve with their chosen drink. It takes the intimidation and the guesswork out of wine and food pairings, and, obviously, helps sell more products.

We have an entire case study with Sellr on our website. To learn more about how our tablets are used in this context, please click to see this case study.

Who programs the content on Mimo Monitors displays?

Typically, the content is programmed by the end user or reseller/installer/integrator of our hardware.

What’s your business model: Do you sell the screens to venues or OOH networks, or do they lease them?

We sell our screens through the channel to re-sellers that sell them to end users. Those could include corporations, hotels, mobile transportation and ride sharing, venues and OOH networks.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Maintenance is the responsibility of the end user, who may decide to outsource this function to the installer or system integrator.

What type of metrics do you offer to validate the value and impact of Mimo Monitors displays?

We don’t really measure the advertising impact of our screens. Instead, we leave that up to the end users to determine. However, we do focus on making sure our screens are dependable. We offer industry-leading, three-year warranties with ultra reliability. If a screen is down or there are tech problems, it has no value to the user. This is why we focus on hardware reliability, long-term life and local depots so that if a hardware swap ever is necessary, downtime is minimized.

What advancements can we expect to see in Mimo Monitors technology in the coming years?

In order to thrive in this space, we must continue to evolve and innovate. Some advancements you can expect from Mimo Monitors in 2019 include haptics touch feedback. Mimo Monitors is the first company to bring surface haptics to the digital signage and conference room arenas. We also have some not-yet announced AV-over-IP solutions. In addition, we will be expanding our offering of special size displays (stretch) and introducing outdoor displays and tablets.

To learn more about Mimo Monitors, visit:

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Published on Friday, April 12, 2019 at 7:55 PM

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