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A business case for digital signage in luxury condo buildings: MaxTV Canada

Guest post by Mel Stott

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

MaxTV operates more than 1000 digital signs in luxury condominium buildings across Canada. Erik Kehat, MaxTV CEO, recently told Digital Signage Pulse about his company’s business.

Where can we see MaxTV signs? How many screens do you operate?

MaxTV screens are strategically placed in high traffic locations throughout luxury residential condominiums across North America. These locations include elevators, lobbies, mail rooms and parking garages. Screens are positioned at eye level for maximum engagement and interaction. We use a split screen layout to display not only advertisements but also crucial information communicated by the management of the building.

We operate over 1000 screens.

Visit the following link to see what a MaxTV screen and content looks like: www.maxtvmedia.com/presentation

What kind of content do your digital signs run?

MaxTV plays content that is highly relevant to the residents. The content is hyper-local and curated by the property manager of the building. In addition to what the property manager uploads, we offer general content which includes news, sports, weather, trivia and more.

MaxTV digital signage in luxury condo buildings

MaxTV digital signage in luxury condo buildings

How do you target your digital signage content?

We rely on multiple data sources to cross reference and verify data. The main advantage is that we work closely with the management team in the condominium. As a result, we are able to obtain real data that, in turn, assists our advertisers in their targeting. We collect data around age, income, marital status, languages spoken, family sizes, vehicle ownership and more.

Who are some of current advertisers on MaxTV DOOH network and into what ad categories are you looking to expand?

Our frequent advertisers are from real estate, retail, dining, pharma, medical, telecom and financial institutions (retail, specifically). We are looking to expand into tourism, auto, CPG and other categories.

Have you had any repeat advertisers?

Repeat clients have been integral to our growth. In fact, many of our clients purchase VIP packages in their respective industries to guarantee exclusivity and become the home brand talked about and used in each particular condominium.

To learn more about MaxTV, visit: www.maxtvmedia.com

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Published on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 5:20 PM

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