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Italian brands get access to Pikasso’s DOOH inventory in the Levant, North and West Africa and the Caucasus via Pladway platform

Guest post by Francesca Vincenti

Sunday, May 2, 2021

The agreement between Pikasso and Pladway will give Italian brands access to high quality DOOH inventory in countries where demand is already developed for Italian consumer products in such categories as Fashion, Textiles, Furniture, Home Electronics and Automotive.

Part of Voilàp Holding, Pladway operates as DSP and SSP for DOOH and In-Store advertising, enabling ads to be delivered with simplicity and in a short time. Pladway’s platform has already established itself in the national ecosystem and, through partnerships such as the one with Pikasso, intends to expand its global footprint.

To serve Italian exporting companies, Pikasso will dedicate an Italian-speaking support team and multilingual sales materials. Antonio Vincenti, CEO of Pikasso commented “For this second step into Programmatic we have selected Pladway that has an unrivalled position in Italy, this allowing us to reach out to hundreds of Italian brands that are among the consumers preferred ones by category in the 7 markets where Pikasso DOOH screens have been connected to Pladway SSP.”

Marco Orlandi, CEO of Pladway said with satisfaction: “We are delighted that Pikasso was the first to embrace Pladway’s new internationalisation strategy. Through this integration, Italian brands will be able to easily extend their communication to Pikasso’s strategic markets in the Levant, North & West Africa and the Caucasus. This step confirms the direction taken in recent months by Pladway to establish itself as a global player in a fast-growing market such as Out of Home programmatic.”

Pikasso and Pladway DOOH advertising

About Pladway

Founded in 2018 in Italy, Pladway has built a full stack programmatic solution for Digital out of Home Networks. The product has been widely adopted by the national ecosystem, both on the supply and demand side, and reaches to date the totality of the Italian market. This unique case has been made possible thanks to a solid, easy to use platform and a premium 24h customer service.

Pladway has been part of Voilàp Holding since October 2020, supporting the company’s activities in international markets.

About Pikasso

Pikasso is the number one Out-of-Home advertising company across the Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq), leader in North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco), West Africa (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali) and the Caucasus (Armenia).

With more than 13,000 advertising faces, 450 digital screens, 73 exclusive concessions, with a presence in 434 cities of 10 countries, and 300 highly qualified professionals, the Group operates in all the segments of Out-of-Home & DOOH: Billboards, Street Furniture, Transport advertising, and Malls.

Pikasso places quality and innovation at the heart of its development to constantly meet its clients’ needs. Our focus is on ensuring audience engagement in prime locations and delivering creative opportunities to our advertisers while remaining at the forefront of technology.

Published on Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 11:22 AM

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