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How PatientPoint DOOH network achieves a 93 percent advertiser renewal rate

Guest post by Mel Stott

Sunday, January 26, 2020

PatientPoint operates one of the largest DOOH networks, with screens in physician waiting rooms, exam rooms and in physician back offices. Bill Jennings, PatientPoint’s Chief Digital Officer recently told Digital Signage Pulse about how the network serves the needs of patients, doctors and advertisers.

How big is PatientPoint audience?

Patient Point’s waiting room video network reaches over 400 million healthcare consumers per year with a dwell time of approximately 18 minutes.

As for the network’s effectiveness – research shows that 75 percent of our audience visit a retailer within four hours. That’s why our advertisers find this channel ideal for many CPG and OTC products.

By the end of 2020, we plan to have nearly 60,000 screens in our DOOH network.

What type of content do PatientPoint screens play?

We offer both patient- and healthcare provider-focused content.

Our patient-focused content helps patients and care partners better understand their diagnosis and treatment options. Award-winning content on our PatientPoint® Communicate™ digital waiting room screens shows patients what they need to know before they see their doctor.

Providers can also use the platform to create custom waiting room messaging themselves. They can advertise services, promote programs and events.

Moving into the exam room, we offer videos on various medical conditions, 3D anatomicals and other learning tools via PatientPoint® Interact exam room touchscreens. Doctors can easily text and email information from touchscreens to patients and families so they could review it after their appointments.

PatientPoint also offers content specifically for healthcare providers and staff.  Our PatientPoint® Access™ Care Team Communication Platform is unique in the point-of-care industry. The ‘Access’ platform keeps providers and staff up to date with the latest medical news, best practices and quality scores.

PatientPoint DOOH network. Doctor's Waiting Room Screens

Do you produce your own content?

Yes! We have a team of 50 creative specialists who design videos for each physical and emotional part of the healthcare journey. They have won more than 700 awards for their content.

We call our PatientPoint content philosophy the “Three A’s,” which stand for approachable, action-oriented and aspirational.

Importantly, every piece of our content is reviewed by a medical expert. We use reputable medical, government and not-for-profit organizations as sources when researching health topics. This approach ensures that patients and physicians receive balanced and objective health information.

What is your revenue model? Do physicians pay to have the screens installed? Is your content sponsored by pharma and/or other types of companies?

Physicians do not pay for the screens. At PatientPoint, our goal is to help healthcare professionals improve quality, decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction.

To reduce barriers to screen deployment, we fund the network by accepting sponsorships. Of course we do that in strict compliance with the regulatory and pharma industry guidelines.

Who are some of PatientPoint advertisers?

Any brand that wants to reach patients when and where care decisions are being made is an appropriate sponsor for our DOOH platform. Our advertisers include pharmaceutical, OTC and CPG brands, as well as local healthcare services such as post-acute and long-term care facilities.

As traditional means of advertising become more costly, we’ve seen increased interest in our platform from a broader range of advertisers including supermarkets, insurance companies, travel and tourism and more.

Could you give any examples of how PatientPoint screens help improve communication between doctors and patients?

There is perhaps no better example of the power of our content than our point-of-care campaign for  Shatterproof™. Shatterproof™ is an organization committed to ending the disease of addiction.

According to campaign analysis, physicians featuring PatientPoint-Shatterproof education on their screens prescribed fewer opioids than the national average.

PatientPoint-Shatterproof campaign informs patients and providers about addiction, treatment options and support. This campaign has contributed to a decrease in opioid distribution.

What type of attribution metrics do you offer advertisers?

PatientPoint has been in business for more than 30 years, and we have a 93 percent advertiser renewal rate. Our rigorous physical and digital auditing standards enable our advertisers to have confidence in buying point-of-care advertising . To that end, we also use Geopath’s services to measure impressions on the PatientPoint DOOH network.

We conduct annual physical audits in physician offices to ensure placement and operation of interactive digital devices. We also offer digital ad verification through proof-of-play data on all digital ad campaigns.

For pharmaceutical brands, in addition to the above, we also evaluate campaigns across our DOOH platform using script lift data.

To learn more about PatientPoint, click here.

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Published on Sunday, January 26, 2020 at 5:15 PM

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