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Edison Research Measures Effectiveness of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

By Nurlan Urazbaev,
Editor-in-Chief, Digital Signage Pulse

Monday, March 30, 2015

The challenge of measuring campaign effectiveness has been one of the main hurdles preventing digital out-of-home networks from gaining the share of the advertising spend they deserve.


Edison Research is one of the leading companies working to overcome that challenge.

At the core of its OOH advertising research is expertise in in-person consumer polling. According to Director of Research Johanna Roche, since 2002 the company has conducted face-to-face surveys for OOH and now has experience in almost every imaginable venue.

“We measure opportunity to see, vehicle and advertising reach, dwell time and other audit metrics, as well as key effectiveness measures such as awareness/lift, usage and ‘willingness to consider’. We can also gather important demographic, psychographic and behavioral information about your audience or customers to help optimize current campaigns and inform future ones,” says Roche.

How Edison does it
To measure advertising effectiveness, Edison interviewers conduct in-person intercepts in locations where people are exposed to advertising. “Connecting with people before and after they are exposed to specific ads allows us to measure lift in brand awareness, attitudes toward a brand, and purchase intent,” says Roche.

When it comes to measuring the audience for a DOOH network, Edison starts by selecting a representative sample of network locations. Depending on the measurement goals, Edison may use a combination of tally counts and exit polls over multiple days and day parts to determine audience.

Interviewers record counts of people entering or exiting a particular venue or of people that pass within the “vehicle zone”. A “vehicle zone” is the physical area in which a person is able to see and/or hear specific, place-based advertising.

Roche says the company’s reach spans the whole country, as qualified Edison pollsters are readily available anywhere in the US: “After over ten years of out-of-home research, our nationwide database of interviewers tops 17,000. So, whether your network of locations reaches big cities to rural towns, a trained Edison interviewer is nearby.”

Solid track record in OOH advertising research
Edison Research has provided research services for some of the world’s largest DOOH networks including JCDecaux, AdSpace Networks, Outcast, AccentHealth, Access Sports Media, to name a few.

In addition to serving its own clients, Edison provides consumer research services to many other research firms including IPSOS, Purple Strategies, and Nielsen. Edison partnered with Arbitron for eight years, providing that company’s custom research clients with consumer exit polling and audience measurement studies.

Johanna Roche says Edison’s methodology can be used effectively in conjunction with the latest viewer-detection technology (such as Quividi, etc.) to enrich the collected viewer data: “We can apply the detailed demographics to the audience counts and project it to the entire network.”

In December last year, Edison Research joined the ranks of the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA) – the influential trade organization that represents the interests of digital out-of-home media companies within the advertising community.

To know more, visit Edison Research’s web site

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Published on Monday, March 30, 2015 at 2:56 AM

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