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DPAA member profile: DOOH ad management platform DoohClick

Guest post by Mel Stott,

Sunday, August 7, 2022

A DPAA-sponsored promotional feature.

What does DoohClick do?

We are an ad management platform for media owners who operate digital and classic/analogue out-of-home inventory.

Our dynamic platform provides everything from video player software to sales support, inventory control, scheduling, reporting and invoicing, all in one interconnected system. Our clients receive real time data about how their business is performing.

DoohClick eliminates laborious administrative tasks by streamlining the entire process.

What makes DoohClick different from competition?

Unlike other Saas providers in DOOH ad market, we are very open to collaboration. We don’t lock clients into a single system and can accommodate different SSPs in different markets.

DoohClick is the central source of data for media owners/operators. We are used by every division across a DOOH network operation, not just the people scheduling or uploading content or looking into offline or online availability. That’s very different compared to clients who are using a digital signage network management software platform.

Media owners can monitor the performance of their OOH business in real time, combining the usual assets and information required to run ads with financial data such as information about how much a client is spending. The output that clients can get from this layer of data is unique.

Ours is a multi-tenant system. It’s an affiliate network in which individual operators can talk to each other within the platform and collaborate to sell their inventory as a collective.

For smaller owners, this is a unique selling proposition because they can package their screens and sell to agencies as a consortium, unlocking new revenue for each partner. This also makes it much easier for advertisers because they have access to a single buying point rather than having to deal with multiple screen operators.

Please explain how your platform works.

Dynamic scheduling.

Selling inventory in a loop should be consigned to history. It prevents a significant number of smaller advertisers from accessing OOH if they don’t have sufficient budget. Dynamic scheduling opens up the inventory because it’s based on share of voice. This means operators can generate more revenue per screen rather than having to discount loop based slots.

Faster, easier proposals.

Everything is contained within the same system which means sales can seamlessly move from proposal to scheduling without any conflicts.


Media operators can just as easily provide proof of play, revenue sharing details to screen owners and landlords, as well as analytics and reports to other stakeholders.

How do users and viewers benefit from DoohClick?

For brands, the combination of flexible buying, pinpoint accuracy delivering, zero wastage and a way to seamlessly blend DOOH and OOH assets provides the best experience possible.

The goal is relevant content on every screen at any given time, something that’s made possible with dynamic pricing, share of voice-based slots and the ability to connect more screens and classic / analogue billboards to one single system.

Brands and retailers can select specific screens and slots, longer or shorter ads, choose the time of day, offer up a lunchtime or dining specials and access better rates or off peak which smaller and or less time sensitive businesses may prefer.

For consumers the DOOH experience is transformed. Content can be personalized, localized, interactive, immersive or just plain entertaining. DOOH’s creative potential will continue to drive new ad revenue to the channel, so the more we talk about it the better.

How and why was DoohClick created?

Raised in the tech unicorn pastures of Sweden, DoohClick was born out of a need for OOH to modernize. Hampered by antiquated methods of selling inventory, audiences and access to screen time, we knew there had to be a better way.

Off-the-shelf providers didn’t cut it, so to scale our business (which was then AdCityMedia) we built it ourselves. In doing so, we were able to collaborate with other media owners, sell their inventory as affiliates, acquire the best operators to scale our business and subsequently float on Nasdaq.

When AdCityMedia was itself acquired in 2019, DoohClick was spun out as a separate entity led by CEO Jonas Glad and COO Mark Bracey. Our establishment as a newly independent business unfortunately coincided with the start of the global pandemic. Despite this in that period we have expanded from core clients in Northern Europe and Africa across four continents and doubled the size of the business in the last six months.

Does DoohClick handle programmatic buys?

Yes, DoohClick handles programmatic campaigns, both guaranteed and non-guaranteed. This gives media owners a flexibility in how to use their inventory.

What DOOH networks are connected on DoohClick?

Networks in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the USA, South Africa and Malaysia. Our key clients include Ocean Outdoor Nordics, Tractor Outdoor, Liquid Outdoor and Loop’d.

How many other SSPs and/or DSPs is DoohClick integrated with?

DoohClick integrates with Hivestack, Adform and VistarMedia.

Are you expanding into other markets?

Yes. DoohClick now has customers in nine global markets. We have recently entered the North American, Asian and Middle East markets and are working to expand our client base in all of those territories.

Visit DoohClick here.



Published on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 12:01 AM

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