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DPAA member profile: DOOH ad tech platform Displayce

Guest post by Mel Stott

Friday, June 7, 2024

We sat down with Gordon Bonifacio, Head of Sales UK for Displayce to find out more about this fast-growing company.

Gordon Bonifacio, Head of Sales UK at Displayce

Gordon Bonifacio, Head of Sales UK at Displayce

Your platform is the leading specialised programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) (pDOOH) platform in France and now present in the UK, what sets you apart from your competitors?

Founded in France in 2014, Displayce’ DSP platform enables access to a network of over 1 million digital screens and billboards from 500+ publishers across more than 80 countries. We allow brands to run pDOOH campaigns in premium formats within targeted environments and to large audiences.

With a decade of experience in the industry, we have a team of more than 40 DOOH experts and have established offices in key European regions like the United Kingdom, Spain, and Belgium.

Since 2022, JCDecaux has taken a majority stake in our structure and this alliance gives us the means to further accelerate our development.

Displayce is agile and a pioneer by design. It has enabled us to move quickly, developing features that meet the unique requirements of pDOOH. Built on proprietary technology, we have implemented a dedicated bidder exclusively for DOOH to deliver a targeted and efficient response to buyers’ needs.

Insight Explorer, the platform’s campaign interface, enables users to build, forecast, and explore campaigns based on reliable real-time data.

Additionally, we offer a troubleshooting module tailored to pDOOH, a functionality that provides a quick and accurate solution to address potential issues, ensuring seamless continuity of campaigns.

What are key benefits of using pDOOH today for advertisers?

The key benefits for advertisers today are numerous. First, programmatic DOOH offers unparalleled accessibility, allowing advertisers to purchase digital screens from different publishers in just a few clicks with a single platform. It gives access to premium formats in prime locations worldwide, including iconic spots like the world’s largest airports and Times Square at competitive prices.

Through live triggering and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), brands can craft innovative campaigns that respond in real-time to dynamic factors such as weather conditions, product stock levels, or live sports match results, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement. This, combined with ultra-precise geotargeting, allows the creation of media plans that accompany consumers throughout their daily journeys, optimising visibility and repetition for increased impact.

Consider the example of Dell, a campaign we managed with Locala, who considerably amplified a national display campaign through the use of pDOOH.

Through highly precise geo-targeting, focusing on stores in areas with a strong affinity for tech, as well as zones with a high concentration of users seen in relevant stores, the DOOH ads improved preference (+2 pts) and purchase intent (+6 pts). With the addition of pDOOH, Dell optimised its ad spend to maximise ROI in high-foot-traffic areas.

Finally, programmatic brings a huge amount of flexibility and agility, with the opportunity to adjust your campaign in real time.

pDOOH is also a powerful tool directly influencing brand consideration. By capturing consumers’ attention with appealing creatives and contextualised messaging, and by creating immersive experiences, DOOH has a significant impact on brand consideration compared to other channels. According to Happydemics, a French solution for measuring brand lift, DOOH scores +3 points over other advertising formats in terms of impact on consideration.

What is the role of DOOH in today’s media mix, how does it work with other digital channels and how do you measure success?

Today, an increasing number of brands are integrating DOOH into their media mix. With over 1,000 DOOH campaigns running worldwide by 2023, we are pioneers in pDOOH in France and among the leaders in Europe.

Our platform offers advertisers the possibility to extend their reach beyond online channels and create a strong presence both online and offline.

For example, through our partnership with Locala, the leader in multi-location advertising, our clients can enhance their DOOH campaigns by seamlessly incorporating mobile activation. This integration enables advertisers to precisely target individuals passing DOOH ads, creating a dynamic and impactful synergy between the two media.

In terms of measurement, DOOH provides a unique opportunity to measure consumer engagement in a tangible and non-intrusive way. For example, Brand Lift can be used to measure, compare and prove the impact of a campaign on consumers by directly collecting the opinions of people exposed to an ad with those of an unexposed group.

Similarly, Footfall Uplift measures the impact of a campaign on in-store visits by analysing the mobile behaviour of people exposed to a DOOH campaign.

A campaign conducted for the airline Frenchbee ranks in the top 5% of Happydemics’ best-performing campaigns. By targeting French and American travellers for a year with contextualised creatives that adapt to the departure country and city, Frenchbee increased its consideration by 37 points and gained 57 points for special intent.

What is your vision for programmatic advertising, and what are your ambitions for Displayce?

At Displayce, our vision for programmatic advertising focuses on two main objectives for the upcoming year.

Firstly, we are committed to enhancing accessibility by integrating more out-of-home inventory into our platform, expanding the scope of opportunities for advertisers.

Secondly, we are placing a strong emphasis on data. We recognize the immense potential of, in particular, location and time data, within the Out of Home industry.

Currently, there is a lack of standardised methods for processing, analysing, and activating this data across different platforms. That’s why we are focusing on developing a robust data management platform that will enable us to exploit and leverage data at both local and global levels.

We strongly believe that data-driven and contextualised DOOH campaigns have a positive impact on brand consideration.

Published on Friday, June 7, 2024 at 1:17 PM

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