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Automated DOOH ad buying platform Adomni now runs cross-network campaigns on three continents

Guest post by Mel Stott

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Adomni offers a software platform that allows advertisers to run campaigns across many digital out-of-home ( DOOH ) media networks. Adomni’s CEO Jonathan Gudai explained how his platform worked.

Adomni is an online software platform that connects advertisers with digital out-of-home media owners. Through an easy search and selection process, ads can be purchased and automatically placed on a wide variety of digital signs. Over 20,000  DOOH screens are now available for booking. No minimum spend is required, and no contracts.  

Can you provide an example of how your technology works from the buyer’s perspective?

On Adomni.com, advertisers or agencies can perform searches for digital out-of-home inventory, upload or create ad content, and launch a campaign, in a matter of minutes.

DOOH media owners can list their inventory and sell unsold space to advertisers on either a guaranteed or if-available basis. Additionally, they can embed Adomni’s booking engine platform into their own website for bookings to be possible 24/7.


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Adomni DOOH buying platform

Where are your screens located? Who owns the screens?

Adomni’s DOOH media-owner partners are currently spread throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK. By the end of 2018, Adomni’s reach will extend to more than 50 countries.

Adomni does not own any of the screens listed on its platform.

Adomni’s media owner clients include independent billboard operators such as Premier Outdoor Media, to midsize billboard companies such as Reagan Outdoor, to place-based networks such as Impax Media, BevTV, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Who are some of your buyers?

Adomni’s buyers range from small advertisers such as Joe’s New York Pizza, large brands such as Live Nation and UFC, to specialist OOH agencies such as Outdoor Solutions and Holt Media, and large ad agencies such as Zenith and R&R Partners.

Does your platform offer any type of campaign ROI measurement?

Adomni has robust proof-of-performance reports that offer metrics such as ad plays delivered, impressions delivered and audience composition highlights. Coming in late 2018, we will be adding the ability to purchase native mobile ads as a complement to DOOH ads. This will  unlock additional KPIs such as click thru and conversion rates.

Is training required to use your DOOH buying platform?

Most Adomni advertisers start using the platform without formal training because of its easy-to-use web interface. For customers who prefer to have a customer service representative assist with the process, they can call us or interact via live chat. Adomni also has an online help center with tutorials and screenshots that walk customers through commonly asked questions and scenarios.

All new media owners are provided with one-on-one training sessions to cover such topics as managing content and schedules, viewing performance reports, and managing revenue/payouts.

Adomni is a member of DPAA.


Published on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 9:23 PM

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