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Adload Technologies: Where programmatic DOOH meets 18-wheeler trucks

Guest post by Mel Stott

Friday, July 10, 2020

Adload Technologies runs a network of digital signs on the back of 18-wheeler trucks.  Ranjit Phagura, the company’s CEO & Founder, recently told Mel Stott about his business.

Please tell us about Adload Technologies’ screens. Where do you install them and how many do you have?

Adload develops, installs and operates digital signs on the back of 18-wheeler trailers for advertising to people on a highway.

Adload’s patented digital signs give transportation companies a new way to earn revenue without making any changes to their business practices.

We custom-build our screens into truck doors. These screens fit on any trailer. And, we can easily install and swap displays between trailers.

Adload Technologies DOOH network is operating throughout California with occasional routes through other regions. We have plans to expand to 110 screens and into other major markets in the upcoming months.

When one hears about digital displays on the back doors of trucks, it’s hard not to think of those doors being opened and slammed shut quite frequently. How are Adload screens able to withstand such punishment? 

The components and technology we use are similar to those which you see on digital billboards in Times Square and Las Vegas. Our screens, much like digital billboards, can handle rough treatment and brutal weather conditions.

The way we integrated our system into the trailer door makes our displays a part of the whole unit. This reduces stress and wear to the screen. Therefore, drivers don’t have to change the way they open or close the doors.

My business partners have been in the trucking industry for over 30 years. They have operated fleets of over 300 trucks and 600 trailers. Their first-hand knowledge of what these trailer doors go through was critical for designing and manufacturing the screens.

We spent a year and half and over 100,000 miles testing out the components in various environments to make sure that they can withstand day-to-day operations. We tested the doors through the Sierra Nevada’s and Cascades in the winter months, as well as through Death Valley, Arizona, and New Mexico in the summer time with active loads.

It was important to us that we didn’t disrupt the day-to-day operation or create additional steps to use the trailer. For the driver, hooking up to and hauling with an Adload trailer is just like any other trailer.

Adload Technologies DOOH screens


What is Adload’s business model, i.e., is there a revenue share with trucking companies? Who sells the advertising?

We have two ways for trucking companies to partner with Adload. The first is we lease pre-equipped trailers to trucking companies for lease rates that are about half the current market rate. Which, as you can imagine, significantly reduces their operational costs. The second is we can equip existing trailers with our display doors on a revenue share model.

All units have the latest IoT cloud technology. This means that everything including the advertising and programmatic scheduling is managed on the cloud by Adload. Trucking companies just need to continue hauling as usual, and we take care of the rest.

Does Adload offer any audience targeting opportunities to advertisers?

We offer programmatic ad scheduling. This means that ads can play based on geofencing, time of day, current events, points of interest, traffic data, weather conditions, to name a few. Adload is continuously advancing its technology to provide advertisers unique variables to target their audience.

We are now testing AI technology to be able to recognize various traffic conditions and audience variables on the fly such as types of vehicles, makes, and models.

What type of audience/attribution metrics does Adload provide?

We partner and integrate with the leading OOH metrics providers to give our advertisers the most accurate audience analytics possible. The exact GPS location of an ad play is recorded in our metrics to get the precise impression data based on the location of where and when an ad was played.

Who are some of your repeat advertisers?

 Adload Technologies officially launched in January. Soon after, as we were gaining traction, the pandemic slowed things down. Right now, our main repeat advertisers are restaurants, news channels, radio stations and automotive products.

Our programmatic DOOH ads can direct viewers on what exits to take and specials according to the time of day, for example. This gives advertisers the ability to show messages that are tailored directly to that audience. Automotive industry ads are very effective because the viewer is in their car, can be thinking of repairs, maintenance or even buying a new one.

The unique thing about advertising with Adload is the reach you get with a moving ad. One advertising spot can run across multiple regions at the same time. It can also be narrowed down and geofenced into certain targeted areas.

How has the pandemic affected your business? 

With the stay at home orders and business closures, there was a drastic reduction in road traffic. As a result, most advertisers decided to postpone their highway advertising until stay at home orders are lifted.

Adload partners and drivers have been working endlessly throughout the pandemic to get supplies around the country, which kept our screens on the road. We used our advertising spots to give the communities a way to spread information and updates on what was going on.

Adload has also worked with different PSA agencies to deliver their messages. It’s a way for us to use our platform to help keep the community informed.

We are looking at a slow but steady recovery as different types of businesses are getting the greenlight to open back up. For a limited time, we are doing what we can by giving businesses promotions and special prices to help them get advertising back on the road.

For more on AdLoad Technologies, click here.

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Published on Friday, July 10, 2020 at 8:17 PM

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