Friday, November 27, 2020

Measurence Scout is a plug & play sensor kit that can be installed easily – it takes only about five minutes. The OOH edition sensors also come with an IP65 weatherproof and heat-resistant enclosure to allow installation in areas that are exposed to the elements.

Measurence Scout OOH Edition gives its users the same power and insights as one would enjoy from installing analytics to a website. Scout OOH provides accurate data and trends on impressions and ad exposure/dwell time, which are the basics any advertiser will need to see how their campaign is faring, as well as more advanced targeting capabilities, such as trends in operating systems, and wifi location data. Scout also provides analytics that reveal the key performance metrics OOH advertisers need to better plan, optimize and measure ROI. All of these attributes can help advertisers get the most out of their CPM, rates, and media spend.

These insights are delivered in an easy to understand dashboard equipped with trends that will allow an OOH company to make better decisions in the future. You can see a preview here. We plan to add predictive analytics in our next release, in order to differentiate even further.

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