Sunday, January 29, 2023

Tru Vue has developed a new anti-reflective glass designed and coated to withstand the tough heat and process conditions of tempering furnaces. Vista post temperable glass is offered in single-sided and double-sided coating to help simplify and streamline your display projects.

Vista Anti Reflective with Post Temperable Coating is a wideband glass that reduces overall reflection and allows for heat tempering by glass fabricators. It is one of the most superior post tempered products on the market and is a new glass coating now made by Tru Vue domestically in Minnesota.

Digital signage, outdoor displays: menu boards, retail advertising, and directional signs for outdoor malls are just a few examples of outdoor displays best suited for Vista Anti Reflective with Post Temperable Coating because of the durability to withstand outdoor elements like salt, fog, and humidity.

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