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How National Retail Solutions (NRS) DOOH Media helps advertisers reach shoppers in convenience stores

Guest post by Mel Stott

Sunday, June 16, 2019

National Retail Solutions ( NRS ) DOOH Media is a point-of-sale, terminal-based ad platform for retailers. COO Eli Korn recently told Digital Signage Pulse about how NRS DOOH Media fills the needs of merchants and consumers in this specific niche market.

What problems does NRS DOOH Media platform solve?

A few years ago, NRS saw a dual void in the convenience store market. Merchants had a hard time keeping up with competitors as technology solutions were very expensive.  At the same time, advertisers had a hard time reaching the consumers in convenience stores.

To fill this void, we created the NRS POS terminal with dual facing screens. This solved the merchants’ issue by providing a low cost, high quality system to help operate their business. It also gave advertisers the opportunity to speak directly to a very powerful niche and a growing part of the population.

How many installations do you have? Where are they located?

We currently have over 7,000 locations across the USA. NRS DOOH Media covers 139 markets in 45 states. The top 10 DMAs make up a large percentage of our installations.

How does out-of-home advertising factor into your product?

Out-of-home advertising is one of the main reasons we built this business. We saw the need for an advertising medium within the convenience store. When in a store, people are generally likely to pay attention to good products and deals advertised.


NRS DOOH Media Image

NRS DOOH Media screens


Do you have an ad sales team?

Yes, we have a programmatic ad sales team and a direct sales team.

What’s your business model? Do retailers pay for the terminals? Do they get any of the ad revenue?

Retailers pay a very discounted rate for the terminal and we provide them complimentary services and conveniences for being part of our program. Furthermore, we offer them a loyalty program at no cost to them, enabling them to offer their customers discounts and coupons.

Who are some of your biggest repeat advertisers?

NRS DOOH Media works with a lot of clients in the consumer packaged goods (CPG), insurance and telecom space such as Metro PCS, Cricket Wireless, P&G, Anheuser Busch, etc.  But really, we are appealing to anyone who wants to reach inner city consumers, who are harder to reach in general and have tremendous spending power.

What type of attribution metrics does NRS DOOH Media provide to advertisers?

We provide impression reports post campaign and can provide point-of-purchase pictures and screen grabs during campaign as well. We also have the ability to provide CPG advertisers with the actual scan data from the stores, in order to demonstrate sales volume and lift in stores where we place their advertising.

Learn more about NRS DOOH Media by clicking here

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Published on Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 5:55 PM

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