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How AdCorp’s in-store digital signage network gets repeat advertisers

Guest post by Mel Stott

Monday, March 12, 2018

Adcorp Media Group, which offers brands targeted, in-store (supermarket) digital signage network and print ad space, as well as content production, joined DPAA in 2017. Mel Stott recently met with Peter Broccole, AdCorp’s President & CEO, to learn more about the company.

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Peter, tell us about your in-store supermarket advertising properties

AdCorp’s in-store media exposes our advertisers’ products to shoppers at affordable CPM. We offer a wide range of print and digital signage properties including our Shopping Cart Ads, Ad Benches, Welcome Center Signage, Market Information Centers and digital screens through our MarketVision programs.

MarketVision Network, our most recent innovation, is a bank of digital signs (anywhere from 8 to 12 screens) placed along the main aisle of the supermarket. Our MarketVision Kiosk program consists of kiosks or wall-mounted HD digital signs placed in departments with the heaviest traffic. We can place multiple campaigns (print and digital) in a supermarket, right at point-of-purchase, along the path of the shopper.

What type of content do your digital signs play?

Our HD digital signs are capable of running rich, dynamic motion graphics. We create and run content that ranges from national public service announcements to campaigns for national CPG brands, franchises, as well as regional and local businesses.

AdCorp's 360's in-store DOOH network

AdCorp360’s in-store digital signage network

How many in-store screens do you operate and in how many stores? 

Adcorp360, which is our digital signage division, was founded in 2015 . To date, we have over 922 screens installed in 178 stores in the northeast.

We are contracted to install digital signage networks in 250 more stores within the next 18 months.

We are growing and strengthening our relationships with supermarket chains as well as independents.

Out of all your media properties, which ones are selling best, and why?

Digital signage properties are selling better because those ads are more engaging and more cost-effective.

Since our digital signs and kiosks are placed along the main aisle and in various departments, they face the shopper throughout the store. This creates multiple exposures and impressions for our advertisers.

In which supermarket chains are your screens and print displays located?

We have over 2,500 of print and digital displays located throughout major chains and independents in the Northeast and in Southern California. In the Northeast, chains and independents include Shoprite, Foodtown, Pricerite, Key Food, King Kullen, Redner’s, Fresh Grocer, Compare, DeCicco’s, Uncle Giuseppe’s and C Town. On the West Coast, we have digital signage networks deployed in Vallarta and Superior Grocers .

Could you name any brands that have advertised on your DOOH network?

Our advertisers vary from local businesses such as real estate agents, local restaurants and pre-schools to national franchises including State Farm and Allstate. On a national level, we have advertisers such as the American Beverage Association and several nonprofits and charities.

Are there repeat advertisers? Who are they?

Yes. Our renewal rates are very high, particularly within the real estate, insurance and medical businesses.

How do you measure the effectiveness of digital signage campaigns?

Right now, measurement of digital in-store supermarket advertising is in the early stages. We are currently working with Nielsen to develop a study to measure campaign effectiveness.

However, nowadays each advertiser uses their own internal ways of measuring campaign results, which are probably the most important metrics for them and for us. And the reason many come back to us is probably because they see tangible returns on their ad dollars.

What what are your plans for the nearest future?

Supermarkets consider in-store digital signage as an important tool for improving shopper experience, so they have been extremely receptive to our programs. As we prove our usefulness, our expansion in supermarkets is continuing, both with with the stores where we are already deployed and as far as new wins are concerned.

Up till now, our focus has been installing digital signs in front/main aisle, and now we are deploying them in other departments, for instance in the deli, bakery, produce sections, etc.

Why did you join DPAA?

We see DPAA as a great organisation that helps us connect with other members – companies working in digital out-of-home advertising.  DPAA is recognized as an authority in facilitating growth of the DOOH industry, and we look forward to their insights. In addition, DPAA is a good liaison between DOOH networks and national brands looking for new interesting ad space to add to their  DOOH campaigns.

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Published on Monday, March 12, 2018 at 12:28 AM

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