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FrontRunner Turns Storefront Windows into Digital Signage

Guest post by Mel Stott,

Monday, September 3, 2018

DOOH advertising network and ad tech provider FrontRunner Technologies, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, joined DPAA this past spring. Nathan Elliott, FrontRunner’s president, recently spoke with Mel Stott in this Digital Signage Pulse exclusive.

Please tell us about the WindowFrontTM Matrix: what is it and how does it work?

The Matrix is driven by proprietary app and projection technology to deploy vibrant digital signage content in WindowFrontsTM across the globe. Through alignments with building agents and owners, we gain access to high traffic real estate. And, together with creators (agencies, film studios, art institutes and news-makers), we populate the Matrix with dynamic projection-mapped video and interactive digital signage content in real-time.

In how many store windows is your digital signage system being used? Where are these storefronts located?

We’re in controlled launch phase as we cement our long-term real estate partners and finalize a seed extension capital raise. To date, we’ve activated over 40 windows from large urban centers like Toronto and Vancouver, to smaller peripheral markets like Regina, Saskatchewan where the company is headquartered.

Real assets for deployment have included: airports, malls, banks, car dealerships, theatres, museums, along with the high traffic street locations we are quickly becoming known for.

What type of digital signage content do you run?

The FireFly Illumination system makes use of the highest lumen laser projectors on the market. These units allow us to display large-format full-motion digital, static, or multi-parted content in previously inaccessible ecosystems.

Our WindowShoppingTM platform adds a layer of interactivity, turning any glass surface into one big touchscreen where users can swipe, tap and use motion gestures to browse inventory or complete purchases – supplementing the retail experience. Together, these capabilities allow us to populate matrix with art, film, news, sports, and community messaging.

Can brands use their existing DOOH creative, or do they need to create specific video for WindowFront? 

Advertisers can use any existing DOOH creative, including interactive content. Our entire business model is grounded in collaboration, for example opening up the platform to great groups like Campsite and Hivestack to deliver real time content to windows programmatically for the first time.

Digital out-of-home, DOOH advertising, digital signage, projection mapping, DOOH network digital signage network

FrontRunner store window digital signage network

Can WindowFront identify who is interacting with its digital signs? Can you re-target? 

Not only can we identify who is interacting with the screen, but now, thanks to innovative analytics partners like computer vision experts AdMobilize out of Miami, FL, we’re beginning to understand how people actually feel about the content they’re looking at.

In terms of re-targeting and attribution, we’re proud to announce a fledgling partnership with fellow DPAA member and Toronto digital signage startup, Linkett. Doug Lusted and the Linkett team are developing attribution sensors, enabling us to confidently price our WindowFrontsTM on a CPM basis. These same Linkett sensors are tapping into new sources of data to creatively unlock re-targeting capabilities for DOOH buys.

We see the future of the DOOH industry being built on integrations. Each one of FrontRunner’s technology partners were chosen in large part for their commitments to building open architecture and a shared mission of pushing the industry forward.

Digital out-of-home, DOOH advertising, digital signage, projection mapping, DOOH network, digital signage network, programmatic DOOH

FrontRunner store window digital signage network

Is FrontRunner just a technology provider or does it also own and operate a DOOH network?

FrontRunner is the owner and operator of the digital out-of-home ad network, the technology provider and also builds immersive, interactive and animated content for its direct clients to create windows of opportunity.

Please describe recent campaigns that ran on FronRunner’s screens.

The most recent campaign was for 1800 Tequila, a brand represented by the Toronto agency Bensimon Byrne. Three window fronts in Toronto and Vancouver were selected for the campaign.

Another recent example includes an in-store installation for Scotiabank in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. Campaign included projecting real-time photographs from the public into the window as part of the #scotiagallery initiative.

Digital out-of-home, DOOH advertising, digital signage, projection mapping, DOOH network, digital signage network, programmatic DOOH

Tequila 1800 campaign on FrontRunner store window DOOH network

How is a campaign’s success measured? What are the metrics?

The success of WindowFront campaigns is measured holistically. Seeing the reactions of passersby to a completely new form of street level content delivery is enlightening. They stop, they stare, they take pictures, and they smile. These reactions drive FrontRunner each day. This engagement is also tracked by the latest tools in computer vision (AdMobilize) and wifi sensing tech (Linkett).

Since our WindowFront inventory is at eye level, we can really push the envelopes of possibility with these game-changing analytical tools to understand public spaces more effectively than ever before.

What software is used to playback and manage campaigns?

FrontRunner has developed the WindowFront Programmatic App used by real estate groups (who upload location inventory granting FrontRunner access to WindowFronts) and Creators (who can peruse available inventory and schedule campaigns). FrontRunner recently completed an integration with Ayuda to deliver WindowFront content in real time.


To learn more about FrontRunner tech, visit: http://www.frontrunner-tech.com/

To learn more about DPAA, go to: DPAA website.

Published on Monday, September 3, 2018 at 7:58 PM

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