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Thursday, December 2 Thu, Dec 2

Recent acquisitions indicate that it’s a seller’s market in OOH (Billboard Insider)

Billboard Insider is aware of 5 transactions which closed yesterday. Juggernaut Media divested assets in Phoenix. Media Choice acquired Kramerica Outdoor Advertising in North Texas Lindmark Media acquired Quail Outdoor in New Mexico and 77 static displays from Griffin Media in Tulsa, Oklahoma OUTFRONT Media acquired four high profile digital billboard faces in Dallas from Burkett Media. […]
Thu, Dec 2 at 5:08 PM

Shopper data firm Catalina to measure the effectiveness of DOOH ads run on on screens at GSTV’s 26,000 locations (PRNewswire)

Catalina will measure the effectiveness of advertising on GSTV to help retailers and brands optimize the impact of specific GSTV ads on in-store sales.. GSTV's digital video platform includes DOOH screens at more than 26,000 fuel retailer sites across the U.S. visited by more than 96 million unique viewers each month. […]
Thu, Dec 2 at 3:34 PM

Wednesday, December 1 Wed, Dec 1

US manufacturer of digital billboards Daktronics reports $164.5 million in sales in fiscal Q2 2022 compared to $127.4 million for the same period last year

The results were driven by increased market demand and the ease of pandemic-related restrictions on construction sites of new state-of-the-art venues and facilities. In August, the company partnered with Austin FC to manufacture and install a 5,580-square-foot LED display for the team’s new stadium. […]
Wed, Dec 1 at 8:57 PM

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